One of the three pillars of my sorority is Sisterhood and as a sisterhood event, the sisters of my sorority planned to go to reborn clothing for a fun sisterhood, Sunday activity.

Earlier this year, I had decided that I would try not to say no to new opportunities and that every time I had the opportunity to try something new I will try my best to finish the activity successfully.

This felt like one of those opportunities.

As we made our way to the beautiful coworking space where they had arranged to teach us, one of my sisters informed me that we would be working with sewing machines and needles and we would be recycling our old clothes to make new goodies for ourselves.

Tote bags, throw pillows, decorative pillows, lavender or cotton scented sachets, tank tops, t-shirt design or remodification to our old clothes, we were going to do things for ourselves!

All on our own, by hand.

I would be lying if I said that I was not at all terrified at the idea of operating a sewing machine or even using a needle on my own.

Ask anyone in my family and they will confidently tell you that I am not the go-to person for any small chores around the house or the person who fixes small tears or buttons on clothes.

To be honest I had never held a needle before that day and the only sewing machine I had seen was the toy my sister used to play with.

But since I was determined to make the most of the experience and try new things and have new experiences, I decided that come what may I will go home with a brand new remodified version of my old clothes.

I first decided to start small and make a lavender sachet. As I made my way through the cloth to remodel my old t-shirt I could not help but realize how incredible recycling clothes was!

Be it cutting the cloth, sewing it using the sewing machine or finishing it off by hand stitching it with a needle, I could not help but fill with pride that not only had I made something new from my old clothes, but I had recycled my clothes that I had not used or seen in ages.

I made a lavender sachet and a throw pillow using two of my old t-shirts that I had not used for three years. Now I use them daily!

I am glad I took this opportunity and experienced something new because recycling clothes not only changes the purpose of your old clothes but also enables you to use them more often!