White privilege
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13 Ways I Recognize My White Privilege

Whites in America do not think much about race...because they do not have to.

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Lyric Richardson

While reading this article I challenge you to come up with additional points and examples that could be added to this short list of white privileges. I receive every benefit and privilege that there is that comes with being a white person. I never fear being "out-grouped" in social or any other context because of my race. However, I can use my privileges to fight racist systems of power and speak up for those that have been silenced.

1. Being followed

In a grocery store later at night with a black friend, I noticed that we were being followed by a worker. I felt very uncomfortable and questioned myself if I was doing anything wrong, even though I knew I was not. My friend brushed it off and said he's "used to it".

2. Rudeness

Though I do have really bad days sometimes and people can be incredibly, unnecessarily rude, I will never have to worry about someone being rude to me BECAUSE of my race.

3. Medical care

I've required serious medical attention quite a few times in my life and each time I was given intense and complete care. Therefore, I was able to make full recoveries. Recent studies have shown that though doctors do not intend to be racist, they often subconsciously expect black women to be able to handle more pain.

4. Smoking weed

I can smoke weed (it's illegal where I live) in public spaces and not even worry that someone will confront me or call the police. Even if the police were called I'm convinced that they would take it very easy on me, perhaps just give me a warning and I, probably, wouldn't even receive a ticket.

5. Being intoxicated

I can walk around downtown Madison's busiest street, State Street, while heavily, visibly intoxicated and not worry about being approached by police or being seen as dangerous.

6. Being loud

I can shout and walk in large groups of other white people and I am not seen as a threat or as a member of a gang.

7. Intelligence

I can used improper grammar and not be seen as unintelligent.

8. Redlining

If I needed to move, I would not be affected by redlining. Additionally, I would most likely be accepted into whatever neighborhood community I join.

9. Media representation

When I turn on the television or go on any type of social media, I see my race heavily and sometimes solely represented.

10. Salons

I can walk into a common salon and expect that they know how to properly cut and take care of my specific type of hair.

11. Swearing

When I swear, I am seen as edgy, confident or funny, not dangerous and angry.

12. Tattoos

Tattoos on my white skin are also seen as edgy and cool.

13. Getting pulled over

If I am pulled over by a traffic cop, it's because I actually did something wrong. My race alone will not get me pulled over.

The harsh reality is, United States culture sees people of color as more dangerous and less human than whites. The culture degrades people of color by paying them less for the same work that whites do while also holding them to higher, unachievable standards. Police target people of color and kill unnecessarily because they are afraid of losing their racist dominance as a governmental authority figure.

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