recap of 2020 and all its madness
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recap of 2020 and all its madness

29 big events of 2020!!!

recap of 2020 and all its madness
ally burnham photography

2020 was a crazy year no doubt and as I was scrolling through my phone I was in awe of all that had happened and changed this year. This blog is all abut redocument 2020 for memory and to post some of the unseen pictures that I had.

​New years in Tahoe

ally burnham photography

My family had a blissful start to the year in Tahoe watching tv snuggles up in blankets, cross country skiing, eating food, and celebrating with friends + doggies.

I remember at the start if the year everyone was so excited as a new decade started and people were ready for but change and boy did we get some as the world seemed to fall apart just a few months later. March hit and we were in a world pandemic; I don't think anyone foresaw that.

Celebrate last axid date party

ally burnham photography

little did I know this would be my last (most likely) dance with Axid. It was our formal and I brought my best friend Maddie as my date and had an amazing time prior taking dance photos in a studio and rocked my $10 sparkly star dress from forever 21 and fell in LOVE with my crimped hair for the night!!! I also won the Biggest VSCO girl award out of all the girls in my sorority so thanks AXID for letting me end with a bang and for this sweet award.

Styled shoot at the Asian market

ally burnham photography

I am so thankful to have participated in this event that Melanie put on for us fashionista girls. I mostly modeled but also took some photos at the Asian Market; before it went through a wonderful branding change and became momma fangs (shout out to SEG Media, where I'm interning for the re-brand)!!!

Brandon came to visit for my birthday

ally burnham photography

March rolled around and I had my wonderful boyfriend take a trip up to KC to see what the little apple in all about for a few days and it was an absolute blast and I felt so loved. I am also so thankful for him having the opportunity to come when he did because right after the world went a little crazy.

Chicago trip with Maddie

ally burnham photography

My last taste of travels for a while!!! This was one of the best experiences and I actually already have written a full blog on my Chicago trip but I will say that it was a BLAST and I can't wait for my next girls trip once things are safer. I also found out prior to this trip how much I LOVE spread sheets , researching, and planning mini vacays.


ally burnham photography

Right after Chicago I intended to travel back to school to finish out the semester however I went home right after the spring break due to Covid-19.

Put down tosh

ally burnham photography

Unfortunately my families sweet dog tosh had to be put down at the beginning of this crazy time. It was extremely sad and and we found out he was sick with very little time to decide what was going to happen to him; which made everything even more difficult.

Photography giveaway

ally burnham photography

I know how important senior portraits were to me when graduating high school and I didn't want the 2020 seniors to miss out on that too amidst everything happening so I offered a free high school senior session giveaway. My sweet friend Hailey won the session giveaway and we had the most fun shooting at 3 different flower locations!!!

As it seems I had an early start to summer and started my social media internship with BPassionit

ally burnham photography

Finishing up the rest of the school year was a bit of adjustment but it all worked out lovely and I ended with straight A's. Following that I started a more full time position interning over the summer with BPassionit doing all things social media.

Ran a half marathon

ally burnham photography

This was NOT easy as I am not a runner nor did I enjoy training but I am happy to say I completed my first (and maybe last) half marathon. Near the end I may have been running with a limp at grandma speed but I am proud of the 13.1 accomplishment; most people can't say they have ran 13.1 miles.

Got a puppy

ally burnham photography

I knew it was only time before my family got a new puppy because my parents have always been dog people. Over quarantine we ended up bringing home a new little fur ball. Who originally I was ready to return because he was a bit crazy and had terrible teeth that always seemed to end up sunk into my arm but now he's my favorite dog. Though he is not perfect I love his energy and personality.

Many sunsets, hikes, and Tahoe trips

ally burnham photography

some of my favorite memories include hiking, swimming, tanning, sunset watching, and driving up to beautiful blue Tahoe. Time spent outdoors and in the sunshine. I will definitely be missing Tahoe in the upcoming years.


ally burnham photography

Sadly I have not been camping as much as in past summers when my dad had his jeep and I truly miss those memories but I always love a good campout and am happy to have gone with friends new and old over the break.

More photoshoots with friends and for BPassionit

ally burnham photography

Happy working with BPassionit shooting content and managing their social media. I am proud of the impact we have made this past year as we have just started and have grown her following to a little over 300 people organically in less than a year.

Found out I was the 2020-2021 pink rep for K-State

ally burnham photography

One exciting part of going back to school was becoming the Pink Campus Rep at Kansas State University. Last year I was on the team as the photographer and had many of my photos featured on their social media platform and this year all of that continued and more!!!! Seriously one of the best college experiences I have had, honestly may write a whole blog just about that. Let me know if that would interest you.

Took one last trip to Big Sur with Brandon before heading back to school

ally burnham photography

Final little trip down to Big Sur and Carmel for a few days before I headed back to school. We spent time hiking, at the beach, shopping, and eating out.

Cat community Leader

ally burnham photography

As I made it back to campus this year I was happy to start my position helping assist and teach a wonderful group of 7 freshman girls. This deal was also super sweet as I was working with the university they covered my housing and dinning fees for the year. Can't complain about that perk!

Some beginning of the year photoshoots

ally burnham photography

As the school year started I am grateful for the swing of business and opportunity that I had to shoot some many different photoshoots and the memories that they bring. At time stressful but am always learning things and growing as a photographer.

Second birthday celebration

ally burnham photography

Thankful to have friends who wanted to throw me an additional birthday party!!! I won't complain about a having an excuse to dress up.

Silly football games

ally burnham photography

If you know me, you know I could care less about sports. Dressing up was fun but I am happy the season is over.

I now have a BIG Girl Job

Honestly I haven't announced this online or on social media yet so you may just be hearing but I got a BIG GIRL job back a few months ago!!!! I am moving to LA and working with Macys in Management. I am VERY Thankful and looking forward to this opportunity. More to come soon.

Made my first photography debut in the printed Manhappenin magazine

ally burnham photography

I had two print pieces this semester with my photography featured in it!! I am thrilled and proud to see my work printed all through out Manhattan, KS. Never did I see that happening.

Worked more with seg media

ally burnham photography

Loved seeing the new clients that Sheila is working with this year and always happy top help brainstorm, create content, and research. This Internship with SEG Media has brought so much growth and enjoyment since junior year and I am so thankful to be working under Sheila, she is such an amazing and inspiring women. Here is her website if your interested in checking it out

Also if your needing any branding photos and like the photo above, let me help you out!!!

Helped photograph two weddings

ally burnham photography

I have now been to more weddings than I ever have in my life all just within this year. I now have helped photograph two weddings under my sweet friend, Mackenzie Smith. What an honor and a crazy feeling since I'd only been to one wedding so far, in my lifetime. Thank you for this experience Mackenzie, always love learning and watching you work as a photographer.

If you are needing a wedding photographer or a second shooter also let me know!!!

Had amazing photoshoot with Pink HQ and made the most amazing friends with the group of girls on my Pink team

ally burnham photography

Thankful for the opportunity to shoot a part of the VS Pink spring line. This was a 100% remote process which is crazy and was also very informative/ fascinating how everything was able to work. Overall it was an absolutely amazing experience and Hannah and the longest day ever but it was a BLAST. Can't wait to see it all come together.

As well I have no words for the greatest group of girl friends I've created with our Pink team at Kansas State. I am so thankful, love each one of them, and amazing by all their talents.

Plus, weekly Bachelorette nights were definitely a highlight of my semester with the K-State Pink team.

My parents visited for thanksgiving + saw more family

ally burnham photography

Can't believe how fast time flies by and for some reason I couldn't remember most if the beginning of the year but that's why I am happy to be writing this blog.

Anyways I am thankful much of my family could all be together this year for thanksgiving dinner and this year my family came to visit me in Kansas which has never happened.

Got on the earring making trend

ally burnham photography

A popular trend of this year has been Polymer clay earrings and since winter break has begun I have been baking and creating these clay earring for fun at night! Literally everyone received clay earrings for Christmas, if I somehow missed you and you have read this far let me know and I'd love to send you a pair.

Christmas at home

ally burnham photography

This year Christmas was at home but at 9am me and my mom were already auguring. Sometimes that happens but we are far past that now.. hahah. Anyways we watched a full season ( 8hr ) of Bridgerton in the day, opened gifts, and ate dinner. Overall still a good day.

New Years back up again in Tahoe

ally burnham photography

Not quite here yet but it will be similar to last year. We will be up in Tahoe again. Can't wait for all the skiing, relaxing, and for the yummy food.

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