Since the start of 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' season 5, Rebecca Bunch has finally been focusing on herself. This is evident from the episode titles, which finally begin with "I" rather than "Josh" or "Nathaniel." What a relief. Finally, Rebecca is taking care of herself, her interests, and her mental health before focusing on her romantic relationships.

With that said, Rebecca does still have a lot going on in her love life. Josh and Rebecca are roommates, so it only complicated things further when he suddenly realized that he's still in love with her. They have a pretty long history together, considering she did move to West Covina for him, and he's also matured significantly since he walked out on their wedding back in season 2.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Nathaniel almost kissed a couple of episodes ago backstage their community theatre production when he sung the song Rebecca rewrote (maybe hinting at her future success as a screenwriter? hopefully?). Nathaniel is also newly reformed, which makes the decision pretty tough.

Greg is a whole other story, since he and Rebecca also have a complex history, and he's the most recent guy that she's dated before realizing that her mental health takes precedence. He's back to West Covina, probably for good, and that could play into Rebecca's choice.

So now, my views on the whole "who will Rebecca choose after her three big dates" situation.

First off, Josh. I'm going to be honest, I really think Rebecca deserves better. As sweet and sunshine-y as Josh Chan is, he's still working on himself. He barely found a place to live with Rebecca, doesn't really have a steady source of income, used to live with Hector's mom, and honestly acts pretty oblivious and immature in most situations. The aforementioned obliviousness and immaturity are also, in my opinion, pretty bad character traits to have when you're with someone who's dealing with a serious mental illness. As goofy and lovable as he is, I think Josh probably needs to start over with someone he didn't leave at the alter.

Now Nathaniel. Honestly, I'm pretty torn about him. When he was introduced to the show, he was a sort of throw-in character meant to boost the ratings. The writers poked fun at the need for an attractive, straight, white male with the song "Who's the New Guy?" and really grew Nathaniel's personality from there. He started off as, pardon my language, a total asshole. He was rude and aggressive, selfish and snobby, and overall a pompous prick. But he's really grown since his first appearance mid-season two. As Rebecca notes in last week's episode, Nathaniel has been working his butt of to become 'nice,' and it's kind of working? I'm as surprised as anyone. At first, it seemed to me that Nathaniel wasn't really changing as a person, just putting on a show for Rebecca. However, he does seem to have changed at least somewhat. Fake it 'til you make it, y'know? I can't really imagine Nathaniel going back to the arrogant, stuck-up lawyer he used to be. I wouldn't be mad if Rebecca chose him, but I'm still worried that he's only changing for her, not for himself. He does have a ton of personal issues that have to be addressed, especially family related, but maybe that helps him to relate to Rebecca even more?

Greg is probably the top of the list, based solely on how the show has been going. Greg is fully reformed (and literally being played by a new actor to show just how much he's changed). He's finally accepted his place in West Covina after some years away, and now hopes to become a small business owner by taking over his father's old restaurant. He and Rebecca tried to go out earlier this season, but it turned out that she just wasn't ready for a relationship. If Rebecca is to end up with someone, Greg is probably the most stable choice.

There are, however, a couple of new things to consider. First, Rebecca is still working on herself. She's getting better, but she's more or less still in the same place she was when she broke up with Greg. Romantic relationships are not the top thing on her mind right now, and maybe it should stay that way.

Additionally, it seems like the show is building up the idea of Rebecca as a writer. She loves theatre, despite her inability to actually sing, so maybe play/songwriting is her calling. If it is, she might need to focus on that instead of worrying about her life. I have a theory that, in the same way that Rebecca started the show by moving to West Covina for Josh, she may end the show by moving to New York or LA in pursuit of her new dream. This would make pursuing a relationship with any of the three men listed above impossible. Josh is pretty much tied to his home, Nathaniel has a law firm to run, and Greg just decided to stay in West Covina.

It's important to remember that 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' isn't a typical love story. It's a story of character growth, and it ultimately seeks to establish a realistic portrayal of life with mental illness. If CXG is a love story at all, it's Rebecca's love story with herself and her dreams. We, as viewers, should support her in any choice she makes.