5 Reasons You Should Be Listening To Twenty One Pilots
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5 Reasons You Should Be Listening To Twenty One Pilots

They're sick as frick.

5 Reasons You Should Be Listening To Twenty One Pilots

You may or may not have heard of Twenty One Pilots by now, but either way, this band (which has two members, not 21, contrary to what you might think) is quickly blowing up. Here are just a few reasons (out of many) why you should start listening to Twenty One Pilots.

1. The music

Of course, this is the biggest reason to listen to Twenty One Pilots. TOP (the abbreviation the band prefers) does not fit any one musical genre, due to its heartfelt lyrics and amazing beats. Don’t be surprised if you hear rapping in parts that you may not expect. If you google what their specific genre is, you’ll get anything from alternative hip-hop to indie pop, but the fans and the band label it as “schizoid pop.” Just give it a listen, and you’ll start to see why.

2. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun

Tyler Joseph is the lead singer and songwriter, and Josh Dun is the drummer for Twenty One Pilots. You may be thinking you need more than two people to be in a band, but they make it work. Tyler is a multitalented artist who plays the ukulele, bass, piano, accordion, and probably much more, as well as raps. Josh is a fantastic and enthusiastic drummer who does some mesmerizing tricks with his drumsticks. Not only are they amazing musicians, but they are also both inspiring and fun individuals.

3. Friendship

If you follow Twenty One Pilots, you know that Tyler and Josh are best friends. Just look at their social media. You will soon be wishing you and your best friend had such an awesome handshake. Their strong friendship is so evident in this duo and makes the band just that much more enjoyable. Don’t be afraid if you’ve heard that Tyler has kicked Josh out of the band again; it won't last long. This is just one of the many jokes you can be in on if you start listening to Twenty One Pilots, which leads me to my next point.

4. The clique

The Skeleton Clique is the official name for the Twenty One Pilots' fandom. This Clique is so amazing and dedicated that the band has even written a song for them, “Fairly Local.” Twenty One Pilots has created an amazing and supportive fan base that bring people from all over the world together. Josh and Tyler make the fans feel as if they are not just fans but also are part of the band, which is evident at every concert they perform when Tyler ends the show by saying, “We are Twenty One Pilots and so are you.”

5. Amazing live concerts

I’ve had the great experience of seeing TOP twice so far, with a third time coming up soon. They have been the best concerts I’ve ever been to. From Josh Dun drumming on top of the crowd and doing backflips off of pianos to Tyler Joseph running through the crowd to climb on top of a pole and sing passionately to people in the way back, this band never fails to surprise and excite you. It seems like they do just about anything and everything to make the show as amazing as possible. Don’t be surprised if you see them wearing skeleton outfits, ski masks, or Tyler in a floral kimono.

Now that you know a little bit about the spectacular band that is Twenty One Pilots, I suggest you go buy all of their albums and find out some more fun facts about your new favorite band. You won’t regret it. Stay Street.

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