Thinking About Playing That Scary Midnight Game? Yeah... Be Smart, Don't Do It
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Thinking About Playing That Scary Midnight Game? Yeah... Be Smart, Don't Do It

Sure, summoning a demon is exciting right? Especially when we are in the midst of spooky season. But trust me, it is not worth the terrible consequences. There are ways to scare yourself without risking your life; that is exactly what this "game" does. But if you insist, play at your own risk and with maximum caution.

Thinking About Playing That Scary Midnight Game? Yeah... Be Smart, Don't Do It

The Midnight Game is an urban legend dates back centuries and was used to punish individuals who disobeyed their ruling Gods. While starting the game and actually playing, one or more people HAVE to follow a specific set of rules. First, you must write your full name on a piece of paper. Then, you have to prick your finger and squeeze a drop onto the paper. After that, you have to light a candle, knock on a wooden door 22 times; the 22nd knock MUST be done right when the clock strikes 12 midnight. After all this, you have to open the wooden door, blow your candle out, then close the door again. To avoid the midnight man finding you, you have to continuously move around your home until 3:33 a.m. If at any moment your candle goes out, you have to relight it within 10 seconds; if you are not successful, you have to sprinkle a circle of salt around yourself and stay in it (for protection) until 3:33 a.m.

Here is where things get a bit tricky. It is said that if you hear whispering, experience a sudden drop of temperature, or if your candle goes out, the midnight man is probably near. If you do not relight the candle within a timely manner or sprinkle the salt around yourself, many claim that the midnight man will bring about hallucinations of your worst fears or worse... he will begin removing your organs one by one. YIKES! Okay seriously, who will still play this game after hearing such things?! Not I!

This urban legend is so popular that a movie was made in 2013 inspired by it, titled "The Midnight Game". If you're reading this, I'm sure you have made the smart decision to not play this creepy game. But, if you are one of those crazy dare devils and want to do play anyway, proceed with caution! Remember to do very thorough research on what exactly you are getting yourself into. Additionally, remember that the game ends precisely at 3:33 a.m. You can't just decide to turn the lights on or abruptly leave a house because you are scared. Doing so may result in you and any other player being haunted.

Play at your own risk! MUHAHAHAHAHA!

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