8 Reasons Why The Pre-Season Shore Is Better

8 Reasons Why The Pre-Season Shore Is Superior

I love the shore in all months, but the pre-summer monthss are the best.

Photo by Amy Oberholtzer

Here are eight things that make the shore even better before the season starts.

1. The weather is usually pretty nice.

It may not be gorgeous but it's still nice enough to go outdoors.

2. Stores and restaurants are just beginning to open.

A familiar sight at the Jersey Shore that usually has a line wrapping around the establishment.


Some are open year-round, while some are just starting up for the season; regardless, they are anticipating a new summer season.

3. The peaceful atmosphere.

A serene, painted sunset.

Photo by Amy Oberholtzer

No one screaming, crying, and whining over not getting ice cream.

4. There are no lines for any stores or restaurants currently open.

Usually Manco & Manco pizza in Ocean City, NJ, looks like this on a hot, summer day.

The Inquirer

The worst part about the shore is waiting in line for dinner after an exhausting day outside at the beach.

5. The beach is mostly deserted.

There were only a few people on the beach when this was taken.

Photo by Amy Oberholtzer

It's usually not warm enough to attract droves of people, so you'll definitely have the beach to yourself.

6. Previewing the new/renovated businesses before they're too crowded.

Retail Freight

For me, this is exciting because I get to see what's coming in the summer.

7. The natural beach ecosystem thrives the most.

Seagulls enjoying their freedom.

Photo by Amy Oberholtzer

Nature continues its reign over the beach until Memorial Day Weekend.

8. Traffic to the shore isn't bad yet.

KTNV Las Vegas

I mean, traffic is always bad, but most little kids are still in school.

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