5 Reasons why Macklemore is the best rapper in this generation
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5 Reasons why Macklemore is the best rapper in this generation

You will love him after reading this

5 Reasons why Macklemore is the best rapper in this generation

After attending a date of the Adventures of Macklemore and Kesha tour, it was surprising to me the amount of people who completely disregarded Macklemore's talent and began chanting for the co-headliner, Kesha, when his set was not even over. As a Macklemore fan, I was offended, You did not hear me chanting for him to come back when Kesha was performing, did you? Truth is, after a lot of thought I think Macklemore is not respected enough because people do not really know who he is. Here are some reasons why Macklemore is an artist you should learn to love.

1) All of his music is positive.

Unlike other rappers who show off their skills by rapping about sexual contact with women, drinking until they cannot make it home, and the "mistakes that should be forgotten because they are a male", Macklemore keeps a very loose edgy, fun sound. Take for example his song Marmalade: This song is about living your life to the fullest, and enjoying every second of it through friendship.


2) Macklemore is not silent about his sobriety.

This is such an important thing to take into consideration concerning rap music and its history. For a while rap music was about drugs, women and partying, more or less preaching that this is the ideal lifestyle. Macklemore knows both sides of the spectrum, and unfortunately had to learnt the hard way that drugs are not the ideal lifestyle. But now, he lives to spread the word. Macklemore has many songs about sobriety but the biggest of his is named, Otherside. Macklemore typically performs this song in concert.

Macklemore - Otherside www.youtube.com

3) Although he is a celebrity, he is still VERY involved in his children's lives.

If you follow Macklemore on instagram, it is no secret that he is a father. He is constantly posting about his two daughters, Sloane and Colette. It is very obvious (from the portions he shares) that he is very involved in their lives. That says something, many celebrities are not very involved in their children's lives because they're out making money with their celebrity imagine. I give Macklemore all the credit in the world for taking the role of father seriously.

Here's an example!

4) In concert he gives the audience 120%.

Before going to this concert, I knew it would be a good one after seeing a few Macklemore performances online, but I did not know just how CRAZY it would be. As soon as he stepped on stage, he brought so much energy to the crowd. He managed to keep the people who weren't even there to see him, in his acts. On stage he was cracking jokes, telling stories and singing his entire song without missing any of the raps I knew by heart. It was truly amazing getting to see him live.

This is my video Click this Link!

5) He is great in front of a crowd.

Have you ever been to a concert and felt as if the artist was just trying to sing their music and get back on the tour bus? This concert was not like that at all. Macklemore told the audience about the snake stuffed animal he won at a game in the amusement park, an uber driver he became friends with and to top it all, a supportive speech about the LGBTQ community. This truly shows how much of a storyteller he really is, he took even the smallest thing that happened in his day and happened to make it interesting for the audience.

This is also my video Click this Link!

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