7 Reasons You Should Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine Before The Final Season Airs

7 Reasons You Should Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine Before The Final Season Airs

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the best show on television, no doubt about it.


It honestly shames me to admit that I only started watching the brilliant TV comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine this year. I'm usually not that into cop shows; their over-the-top dramatics and often unrealistic stories bore me, and I haven't found one that I like since USA's Psych wrapped up. However, I've found myself genuinely falling in love with the cast and dynamics of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and I hope everyone realizes it before it's sixth and final season airs on NBC.

The inside jokes are fantastically funny


Whether it's Jake tacking on "title of Amy's sex tape" to a sentence, Charles discussing his love for washing his partner's hair, or the five-thousandth reference to Die Hard, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has the best gags. What makes the jokes even better is that they always surface at the best times. Even when serious plot developments are at hand, Jake Peralta is undeterred in being as hilarious and light-hearted as possible. Maybe that's why we love him so much.

The friendships are to die for


Nothing is quite as great as a fantastic group dynamic in a show. That's why we all loved Parks and Rec, The Office, and Friends, and that's why we also love Brooklyn Nine-Nine. As the center of the show, Jake is friends with everyone in the Ninety Ninth Precinct, but it's clear that he and Boyle are best friend goals, and we all wish we had a personal Rosa Diaz watching our backs. The whole cast has individual, amazingly developed relationships with one another, and that's all we could ever ask for.

We love a good father figure relationship


Jake's dad left him early on in the future cop's life, so it's pretty great that the show gives Jake a father figure in the form of Captain Raymond Holt. Jake and Holt go through a lot together, and it's nice to see the once immature top detective of the NYPD go through some character development and growth. Similarly, we see Captain Holt loosen up a bit and become a better person himself thanks to his mentorship of Jake (and Amy. Of course).

In terms of diversity, this cast has no match


Credit where credit is due, this cast gives older comedy shows a run for their money. Not only does it portray a gay, black man achieving his goal of becoming Captain of a police precinct, but it also features multiple badass Latina women, one of whom is bisexual, a black man as a sergeant, and a Jewish lead. Oh, the show also makes sure to fully represent parents as they are, with Terry, Boyle, and Gina all experiencing the difficulties of maintaining both a work and family life.

There are multiple loving, wholesome couples to ship


Guys, let's face it, nothing defines a comedy like some super fun ships. Jake and Amy are the heart of the show... literally. Though, of course, equal if not more emphasis is put on the friendships throughout the precinct, Brooklyn Nine-Nine still makes sure to include some solid Peraltiago into the mix. We've also got the (semi-weird?) relationship between Detectives Rosa Diaz and Adrian Pimento (albeit that this relationship does not last the entire show), and the wonderfully non-emotive marriage between Captain Holt and Kevin.

It's not afraid to get real


Remember that time when Terry was stopped and searched by a cop in the middle the street while searching for his daughter's stuffed animal? Or when Captain Holt talked about the difficulties he faced getting to his position because he was a gay, black man? Or when Rosa came out to her parents as bisexual and faced severe backlash? Or hell, even more basic things, like Gina being afraid to go back to work after giving birth to her baby, or Jake being scarred by his time in prison, or Amy being afraid to fail as a Latina woman in a predominantly male field? This show can get real, and it's those moments of depth that stand out and give it more layers than just a basic comedy.

Gina. Linetti. That's reason enough I think?


Honestly, if you need any other reason to watch this show, I think Gina Linetti herself is reason enough. She's sassy, wonderful, and the best dancer we've seen in a while.

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This is important because these girls are the ones who have your back. Girl when you don't have a man who's around? That's right your girlfriends. They were the real ones before you had anything serious with your boo right now. They've seen not only you but your relationship too, go up and down and they helped you through all the tough times.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Government Shutdown

The longest government shutdown in history will impact every American.


In the early morning hours of December 22, the longest government shutdown in United States history began. At this writing, the government has been shut down for 24 days -- and counting.

The current shutdown revolves around President Trump's request for over five billion dollars to fund a U.S.-Mexico border wall, which he sees as a necessary response to the "massive Humanitarian Crisis" taking place at the southern border -- the flow of migrants from Central America. Democrats in Congress, who fervently deny the severity of the situation, refuse to allocate funds towards a wall, instead looking to negotiate other measures for border security. Unable to pass bipartisan spending legislation, the government remains closed.But what exactly is a shutdown, and what does it mean for ordinary Americans?

A government shutdown occurs when the annual appropriations bills that fund several government agencies and programs fail to reach passage by both Congress and the president. Congress is in charge of creating these bills, and each year the president must sign them into law in order to fund the government for a new fiscal period. In October, at the beginning of the current fiscal year, only a few of the necessary appropriations bills were enacted, and Congress had until December 21 to enact the rest. However, due to congressional infighting and the President's incessant demands for a wall, the government failed to reach a spending agreement by the deadline, and a shutdown ensued.

Without appropriated funds, any departments or agencies deemed "non-essential" are put on hold under a government shutdown. This means that many federal workers, including those within the Food and Drug Administration and National Park Service, are furloughed, or put on temporary leave without pay. The remaining employees, who work in departments or agencies considered "essential," are forced to work without pay until appropriations are made by Congress and the President. Once the government is open again, they will receive their missed checks in back pay.

Put simply, the 800,000 Americans who work for departments affected by the shutdown have been without a paycheck for almost an entire month now. In past weeks, several of these workers have taken to Washington to protest the shutdown and have appeared on television to voice their frustrations. Forced to deplete their savings to make ends meet, they worry about how they'll make their next mortgage payment and keep their families fed. Paying for daycare services for infants, or college tuition for young adults, has become almost impossible for some.

And government employees aren't the only Americans affected by the shutdown. Though social security checks are sent out and Medicare is paid for, the issuance of insurance cards could cease, meaning that those newly eligible for Medicare could be turned away. Hundreds of sites with hazardous waste or polluted drinking water will go uninspected by the EPA. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps, responsible for feeding thousands of impoverished families, cannot last another two months without funding.

Perhaps the scariest effect of the shutdown is its impact on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), responsible for screening passengers at airports. Since the shutdown began, airports across the country have dealt with a shortage of staff, causing long lines and massive travel delays. George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Texas and Miami International Airport in Florida have both been forced to close entire terminals in response to a staffing shortage. On January 14, TSA spokesman Michael Biello tweeted that TSA "experienced a national rate of 7.6 percent unscheduled absences compared to a 3.2 percent rate one year ago, Monday, January 15, 2018." Although the agency claims that security has not been compromised during the shutdown, the lack of workers leaves many travellers skeptical.

As President Trump continues to exploit the "crisis" at the border (see the televised address) and top Democrats defend the merits of legal immigration, it is unclear just how long the shutdown will continue. In the House, Democrats have passed spending bills supporting the immediate re-opening of affected federal departments, but such bills have not yet been brought to the Republican-controlled Senate. There have been no meetings scheduled between the White House and congressional staff, and Trump has abandoned his idea of declaring a national emergency. It seems the only thing left to do is wait.

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