I just got back from the best week of my life. I spent seven days on a cruise, and I'm still on ship time. Here are a few reasons I believe cruising is the perfect vacay!

1. There is a place for everyone

No matter who you are or where your from, you have a place on the boat. Whether that be the casino where you can blow, I mean, win money, the pool to layout and relax, the comedy show to have a few laughs, or the piano bar to enjoy some cocktails and music. You will never feel like an outsider on a cruise.

2. You always have an ocean view

We all love waking up and seeing the ocean. That can be done in a condo at the beach, but can you imagine having an ocean view all the time? Playing putt putt, eating dinner, swimming in the pool, sliding down a huge water slide, all these things can be done while looking out at the beautiful ocean.

3. There are plenty of opportunities for adventure

You have so many chance to be adventurous on a cruise. You can book many different crazy shore excursions, you can get out of your comfort zone on the boat, and you can even try exotic food at dinner.

4. You can travel to many places in one trip

When traveling on a cruise you get to experience many cultures at the various ports. Unlike a destination vacation, you get to visit many countries in one trip.

5. You get your money's worth

When you are on a cruise you always have something to do. Unlike an expensive destination trip where you are constantly having to fork out money to do different activities. Cruises may cost a little more than other vacations, but you get your moneys worth for sure.

6. They are family-friendly

Planning a vacation that the whole family will enjoy is hard at times. Cruises are the perfect option for those families that are trying to please a variety of ages.

7. You will never get bored

Cruises are non stop. You will always have something to do, rather it be climbing a wall or eating fresh cooked pizza. There is no way you can get bored on a cruise.

8. They are super easy to plan

Hate the hassle of booking rooms and flights and activities? There is a simple solution, book a cruise. The only thing you have to worry about is what you're going to wear on formal night.

9. You can travel to places you wouldn't be able to otherwise

Many cruise port cities are only for cruisers. You will experience places that no one else will, unless they're on the cruise, of course.

10. Cruising can be romantic

Nothing is better than celebrating a honeymoon, engagement, or anniversary like a cruise. Find your special someone and ask them if they want to explore the seas with you for your next vacation.

11. You will meet many new people

My personal favorite thing about cruising is the variety of people you meet while on the boat. You come in contact with thousands of different people every day, and it is so rewarding to talk to people that you otherwise would have never met.