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5 reasons to go greek umaine addition

Here are 5 reasons to go greek if its ever crossed your mind while attending the University of Maine

5 reasons to go greek umaine addition

The summer before freshmen year I knew I wanted to go greek. It was something that I always saw myself being a part of. Whether you had the same feelings as me towards the Greek community or your signing up five minutes before the first meeting in Neville hall it doesn't matter. The second you become part of a sorority on campus you become part of something bigger. It truly is a place of unity within the Greek community, unity among the sororities and the fraternities, a family, that always has your back. My sorority Alpha Omicron Pi has offered me so much and know it will continue too. Here are 5 reasons to go greek at the University of Maine.

1. Sisterhood

Through the ups and the downs you always have the support of your sisters. My first year of school wouldn't have been possible without my big helping me through tough classes or teaching me how to navigate college. My president was always a text away offering anything to help me succeed. They both along with my sisters helped to make my first year at the University of Maine unforgettable. Its little things such as these that make the sisterhood priceless, being four hours away from home they offer the comfort that family does. They are my home away from home.

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2. Friendship

Within this greek community, you have the opportunity to make lifelong friendships outside your specific organization. My freshman year roommate is one of my best friends but is in a different sorority. This was a really cool experience for us because it allowed for unique opportunities but at the end of the day united us through our involvement in Greek life. We both supported each other throughout the year at different philanthropy events and will continue to throughout our time at the University of Maine.

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3. Community Service

Depending on the organization, you have a different cause that you support. However, a common theme is the ability to do good and raise money to give back. My sorority on Maine Day decides to spend the morning doing good with the frat Pi Kapp. We do Pi a Pie in which people can pay money to pie us. It creates great interrelated sorority-fraternity relations.

4. Philanthropy

Along with community service, we also support organizations. AOII supports juvenile arthritis. I know Chio Omega does a lot with Make-a-Wish. Our big event every year is MR. Fraternity in which we do a beauty queen like competition and the guys compete to be crowned Mr. Frat.

5. Fun

From going to Fam Dog with my sisters, ordering OHOP, galantines day, ice cream parties, trips to Chipotle its always a good time. Don't forget about formals that happen once a semester in which we go to the Bangor Motor Inn. We take pictures, dress up, and dance the night away with our dates.

No matter where you end up I highly suggest going Greek. You won't regret it or the expereinces you will take away from it.

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