Happy Fall ya'll! The leaves are changing colors, the sweaters are coming out, and the coffee is full of pumpkin! It's time for everyone's favorite drink to return, the pumpkin spice latte. As if you needed any, here are five reasons to run and buy one right now!

1. Nothing says Fall like a PSL


We all know it's officially fall when the PSL signs are all over the coffee shops. What better way to kick of the best season than a celebratory latte?

2. They are actually pretty good


If you like lattes and sweet fall flavors, you'll love a PSL. The spices and warm froth of the drink is a way to get your first real taste of fall. Yummy! Just don't let their orange tint scare you away.

3. They smell like pumpkin pie


They smell delicious! Nothing is better than the smell of pumpkin when the air gets cold and your flannels come out.

4. Photo sessions


Have you really started fall festivities if you haven't taken a PSL picture in your local pumpkin patch? My local coffee shop makes a PSL extra festive by drawing spooky ghost on the cups! Boo!

5. They give you energy


At the end of the day, a latte is a latte. The most amazing thing about a latte is espresso. They're the perfect way to fuel your afternoon of pumpkin carving or evening of haunted houses!

So go out, get your PSL, and have an amazing Spooky Season!