6 Reasons That Halloween Is The Best Holiday
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6 Reasons That Halloween Is The Best Holiday

Boo to all of you!

6 Reasons That Halloween Is The Best Holiday

Halloween is not just about the candy, it's about the moment where you get to hide who you are even for just a short period, where you get to be something unreal for a change. Halloween is the best time of the year to me, because of the weather, costumes, and spirit of it.

1. You get candy for free, just for ringing doorbells

Seriously guys, when is getting free candy not the best part of a holiday.

2. You get to choose who to be for an entire night and nobody judges it

You can be a vampire, pumpkin, candy corn, cat, nurse, police officer, etc. The one important thing is that everyone is hidden for the night, it's like a mask that lets you be accepted by everyone around you, because you can't be weird on this holiday.

3. The weather

Not only does the winter chill come around at this time, which brings jacket season back, but also its the most beautiful time of the year, leaves are still falling, if you're lucky sometimes snow begins in certain areas, it's the perfect time to bundle up and watch scary movies.

4. The corny not-so-scary shows and movies

If you're like me, full on blood and guts movies aren't for you, but around this time netflix shows all of the childish "scary" movies that I love, such as the Mostly Ghostly shows.

5. Haunted houses

Getting to walk through a house, questioning what will await, maybe its scary clowns, or ghosts, maybe some zombies, but it just gets the chill bumps rising on your neck.

6. Parents letting you stay out late

When in high school one of the best things was being able to stay out late with friends because of events.

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