10 Reasons To Quit Spilling Tea And Start Drinking It

10 Reasons To Quit Spilling Tea And Start Drinking It

You'll be running to put the kettle on after you read this.


Everyone has their drink of choice, whether it be coffee, tea, water, soda, you name it. If you ask someone what their favorite drink is, I assure you they have one. For me, my drink of choice is tea and I'm so devoted to it that I have at least one cup per day, if not more.

This usually earns me some quite puzzled looks from my friends as they cannot figure out why I love the drink so much. In truth, I can't really figure this out either as I don't even remember when I became a devoted tea drinker. But, after pondering this for a moment, I realized there are so many reasons that you should drink.

There are so many reasons beyond "it calms me down". So non and devoted tea drinkers, I give you a list full of reasons that you should drink tea and if you already do so, continue.

1. It calms you down


I know that I said there are more reasons to drink tea than "it calms you down", but for me, this is the main reason I drink it. I've struggled with anxiety all of my life and I can confirm that for me, tea helps me to calm down when I'm anxious. To me, a warm cup of tea is like a hug from someone that you love.

2. Tea can be personalized


When people think of tea, they think of a bland, boring, tasteless drink but that is simply not true. There's so many flavors of tea out there and so many ways to personalize it to make it your signature. There's black tea, like Earl Grey that has a slightly bitter taste and I'm actually having a cup now as I write this. There's fruity tea such as Black Cherry, Peach, Wild Berry, Orange Spice, and so many more. Tea can also come in seasonal flavors, such as Caramel Apple Spice, Pumpkin Spice, and Peppermint. Tea can also be made with sugar, lemon juices, honey, no sugar, etc. The possibilities are endless.

3. Tea is easier to make than coffee.


Everyone can agree that coffee takes much more time to make and is overall more expensive. Unless you're willing to fork over a lot of cash for a good coffee maker, you'll have to go buy it from somewhere like Starbucks. Tea is cheaper and much easier to make. If you don't have a kettle, you can pop it in the microwave for a few minutes instead. Although, if you go to the UK, I do not recommend putting your tea in the microwave unless you want to severely offend someone.

4. Tea won't give you bad breathe like coffee.


Unlike coffee, tea won't give you bad breath. It has also been shown that black tea can prevent tooth decay by destroying the acids that cause it.

5. Tea is low in calories.


Unlike coffee and sodas, which are high in calories and sugar, tea is relatively low in calories. A cup of brewed black tea is only 2.4 calories. Of course, this all depends on what you put into your tea, which can increase the amount of calories.

6. Tea does have caffeine.


While less than coffee or soda, tea does contain caffeine. You needn't worry about not getting your daily caffeine in if you switch from coffee to tea. There are also caffeine free options for those who are trying to cut down on their caffeine intake.

7. Tea keeps you hydrated.


Keeping hydrated is essential to maintaining personal health. Tea can help keep you hydrated as it is essentially water. Tea won't dry you out and keep you thirsty like coffee or soda does.

8. Tea can lower your chances of heart attack and stroke.


Many studies out there have found a correlation between lower chances of heart attacks and strokes with people who drank tea.

9. Tea can boost your metabolism.


I can actually confirm this one. I started drinking green tea and noticed that combined with exercise and a healthy diet, my weight was getting lower. I have a cup of green tea at the end of every day because of this.

10. Tea is trendy.


Not only is tea good for you, but it's also trendy. Many people talk about "spilling tea" nowadays and say the tea is "hot". How about we stop spilling tea and start drinking it instead?

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