In light of recent headlines, we all know about the rap feud going on between rapper Eminem and rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so here is me speaking mine. Im team MGK all the way, and here is why:

1. "Your beard is weird."


Giphy - smh

This seems to be the ONLY line out of the whole song, 'Rap Devil', that anyone seems to pick out. What they don't realize is, that is a reference to a line in Em's song, Business. The lyric reads, "'Til we grow beards, get weird and disappear into the mountains, nothin' but clowns down here, but we ain't f***in' around 'round here". So, in conclusion, it was actually a clever play on words. ;)

2. "Still using that autotune"


Giphy - Smirk

Eminem states: "I'm sick of you bein' wack and still usin' that ***** Auto-Tune..."

Anyone who listens to MGK knows that he doesn't use autotune. This reveals that MGK had another clever hint within 'Rap Devil' to irk Em's nerves, on purpose.

3. "I'm sick of your blonde hair and earrings"


Giphy - MGK

In 'Killshot', Eminem raps, "I'm sick of your blonde hair and earrings, just 'cause you look in the mirror and think that you're Marshall Mathers don't mean you are, and you're not about it". First of all, Machine Gun Kelly is a natural blonde. Second of all, nowhere has MGK even stated that he wants to be Em or that he's better, so give that a rest guys. Basically Eminem just insulted his appearance throughout all of 'Killshot.'

4. That tweet from 6 years ago??

Eye roll


The infamous tweet from May 7, 2012 read, "@machinegunkelly: ok so I just saw a picture of Eminem's daughter...and I have to say, she is hot as ****, in the most respectful way possible cuz Em is king".

Why bring something SO juvenile up, six years AFTER it was said, in a "surprise" diss album? Needing publicity much?

In my honest opinion, this 'rap battle' is most likely a major publicity stunt for the both of them. I just think it should be brought to attention that never once has MGK tried to say he was better than Eminem. Not once has he (MGK) said that Em is bad at the game. He has just simply proved that Eminem is old, he's not as good as he once was.

Like it or not, there are new people who will be almost better than Eminem, and he should accept that fate. In the end, this is all fun and games and I could care less who won what. Eminem and MGK are both amazingly talented individuals who deserve the best in all they accomplish.