5 Reasons Why I Love Target

5 Reasons Why I Love Target

But really, who doesn't love Target?

First of all, who doesn't love Target? Target is the store to go to when you're in any mood. Sad? Go to Target. Mad? Go to Target. Happy? Go to Target. You don't even need a real reason to be at Target, you can just wander around and no one will judge you because they are probably doing the same thing.

Whether you love Target, or you LOVE Target, Target never disappoints me, unlike most people in this world. So here are five reasons why I LOVE Target.

1. Affordable Prices

This is a good thing and a bad thing. I go into Target for one thing and end up leaving with 20. Oh well.

2. Everything & Anything

From the Dollar Deal Section to Clothing and School Supplies, Target has it all, all in one location.

3. The Smell

I've spent hours in Target, mostly because of its welcoming environment. I don't feel pressured to leave anytime soon. In most Targets, there are Starbucks and Food Convenience stores. There's really no need to leave.

5. The Memories

You may not have noticed, but I spend a lot of time in Target. Whether I am alone or with friends, some happy memories and laughs were spent in Target with my friends and family.

xoxo a Target lover

Cover Image Credit: The Verge

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I Said Yes To The Dress But It Was SO Not Like 'Say Yes To The Dress'

It was not exactly what you see on TV.

Back in December, I planned my wedding in four days despite it being ten months away. I did this for a couple different reasons. The first being that I live in Colorado and the wedding is in Virginia. The second being that everyone I wanted to be there to help me find my dress happened to all be in Virginia that week. So on December 27 we all met up at a wedding dress store to see if we could find the one and we did!

But it was not exactly what you see on TV. I knew going into my appointment that this wouldn't be anything like "Say Yes To The Dress" but I didn't know it wouldn't really be magical at all.

The appointment started off fine, we walked in and everyone was friendly and introduced themselves before going to pull some of the dresses I had saved on my profile. It was when we got to the dressing room that everything changed. In the room, there were five dresses that I started to try on but just about every time I came out of the room my stylist wasn't there. My mom or my maid of honor ended up being the ones to help me zip and unzip the dresses, walk to the stage, and puff it up so we could get the full effect of what the dresses looked like.

As I began to go through the first five and get an idea for which I did or did not like my stylist began to take out the ones I didn't like and put a new one in the room as I was showing off another one. This would have been fine but she was still barely around to help me in and out of the dresses.

Not long into the appointment, she began helping another bride at which point neither of us was getting the attention we needed to successfully get in and out of the dresses. Everyone that was me observed that out of all the brides around us, only one was getting the necessary attention but even then her stylist disappeared once or twice. This bride was also alone so, being the amazing people they are, the people with me helped her too.

After I found my dress, which just happened to be the last one that I tried on, I stood on the stage for five minutes before my stylist came back and asked me if it was the one. While I'm in love with the dress I got, had I known my appointment was going to way it did I probably would have gone elsewhere.

Cover Image Credit: Charisse Kenion

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It's 'Customer SERVICE', Not 'Customers Should Harass You'

The Customer is NOT Always Right

I've worked for almost three years for a company that I absolutely love. My coworkers are great, the company is great, however the customers- not always great.

For some reason, some customers feel it's necessary to talk down to employees. I can hardly go a shift without a customer getting mad (or mouthy) with me about something out of my control, such as prices. Just last week, I had someone argue with me about a policy that had been in place for over 2 1/2 years.

Every time something like that happens, it always makes me aware of how I may come off as a customer, and I can honestly say that I don't treat people in customer service the way that I am treated. It's unusual that I don't say please, or thank you, or tell them to have a nice day. If someone's providing you a service- you shouldn't be mean to them. Does an employee get paid to do their job and provide services? Yes. However, that does not mean that the customer needs to make their job harder by arguing with them, or disrespecting them.

While this may come off as another whiny rant, I promise you- it's more of a call to action to treat employees better. Here's three simple things to keep in mind the next time you're the customer:

First: Say thank you. It's extremely simple, and honestly, it always makes my day a lot better when it happens.

Second: Accept that the employee may know more than you do about the company. If I tell you that it's company policy, odds are- I'm not lying.

Third: Don't try to get special treatment, and then get upset when I say I can't do something outside of job description. (I'm talking about people who try to get additional things for free, and get mad when I can't do it.)

The hardest part of a job shouldn't be the customers. But it often is. Don't get me wrong- I love my job and think I work for a wonderful company, but my shifts become a lot more strenuous whenever I'm spoken to rudely by customers.

(This being said, I do have customers that I absolutely love. They're usually regulars, and always ask me how I am and how my day is going. I'm very thankful for them- they make my job a lot brighter.)

Cover Image Credit: Imgur

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