5 Reasons Why I Love Target

5 Reasons Why I Love Target

But really, who doesn't love Target?

First of all, who doesn't love Target? Target is the store to go to when you're in any mood. Sad? Go to Target. Mad? Go to Target. Happy? Go to Target. You don't even need a real reason to be at Target, you can just wander around and no one will judge you because they are probably doing the same thing.

Whether you love Target, or you LOVE Target, Target never disappoints me, unlike most people in this world. So here are five reasons why I LOVE Target.

1. Affordable Prices

This is a good thing and a bad thing. I go into Target for one thing and end up leaving with 20. Oh well.

2. Everything & Anything

From the Dollar Deal Section to Clothing and School Supplies, Target has it all, all in one location.

3. The Smell

I've spent hours in Target, mostly because of its welcoming environment. I don't feel pressured to leave anytime soon. In most Targets, there are Starbucks and Food Convenience stores. There's really no need to leave.

5. The Memories

You may not have noticed, but I spend a lot of time in Target. Whether I am alone or with friends, some happy memories and laughs were spent in Target with my friends and family.

xoxo a Target lover

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13 Style Mistakes Every Girl Made In The 2000s

Hide your selfies.

1. Crimped Hair

2. Straightened Side Bangs With Curly Hair

3. Jeans under skirts

4. A "poof" with two braids

...thanks Lizzie Mcguire

5. The solo "poof" with straight hair

Lauren Conrad made this acceptable, right?

6. All silver or light blue eye shadow

7. Too Much Eyeliner

8. "Emo" hair

9. Ponchos

10. Tank Tops Over T-Shirts

11. Those "shrug" Half Sweaters that tied in the middle*Cringe*

12. The uggs, graphic t, jean skirt, and leggings combo.

13. Stretching our tank-tops way down under a tight t-shirt... Layers are trendy, right?

Cover Image Credit: College Fashion

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15 Ways To Annoy A Retail Worker As Told By Rachel Green

10. Coming into the store just to "browse" 10 minutes before we close.

As a teenager, it's just a right of passage to work a minimum wage job. It teaches you discipline, responsibility, time management, and that people can be really mind-numbingly absurd. Here's the Queen of retail herself to educate you on how to act like a decent human being to retail workers.

1. When a customer tries to bring up another store's return policy

No. Sorry, we aren't Nordstrom. We won't accept these jeans you've obviously worn and very obviously didn't wash. If you want Nordstrom customer service, you're shopping in the wrong place.

2. Yes, I see you wandering around near the fitting rooms

Do you know how you can use one? Ask. It isn't hard. But don't sigh heavily when it takes me a couple extra minutes to realize you need a fitting room.

3. Speaking of fitting rooms, make sure you find EVERYTHING you want to try on before you ask me to open a fitting room for you 10 times

Especially when it's busy and there's a line for the fitting rooms. Like, hello??

4. If I ask you if you need help finding a size, it's not because I want to help you. It's because I don't want you to ruin the pile of shirts I just folded

Please. Let. Me. Help.

5. When a customer asks why we don't have a sale going on

Then don't shop here?

6. "Sorry let me take 9837592940184 hours scrolling through my email to find my 400-year-old coupon"

I can guarantee you, 9/10 times they don't find it. So, thank you for making me stand here for five minutes while the entire store gets completely destroyed.

7. But in during the rare times when they do find the coupon, it's expired

No. I won't let it slide. I won't see what I can do.

8. "WOW, it's really that expensive?"

I'll never know how to politely respond to this, while I continue ringing up the 10 other shirts you want to buy.

9. Changing your mind at the cash register

"No, I don't want this shirt" "Hold on let me buy another pair of jeans" "Wait. I actually want that shirt." Make up your mind!!!

10. Coming into the store just to "browse" 10 minutes before we close

Most people assume after retail workers close the doors that we get to pack up and leave. Wrong. We have to stay at least 30 minutes after to make sure we've cleaned up your mess.

11. Please, continue threatening to get me fired

I've been threatened to be fired because we didn't have shirt someone was looking for.

12. Percentages

An adult once asked me what 50% off a price was.

13. When someone asks me why we spray so much perfume in the store

"Let me get the manager for you."

14. Asking me to check in the back again for a size we don't have

I'm not out to ruin your day. If we had something, I would've given it to you. Don't go asking another employee either.

15. Leaving a mess in the fitting rooms


Yes, as a retail worker, I know that this is my job. It's also your job to be a considerate human being that treats a store, and its workers, with respect.

Cover Image Credit: Jannessa Lai

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