It seems like everyone I know are dog lovers. I almost never hear anyone boasting about all the benefits that come with having a cat.

Well, that all changes today, because I am here to tell you why having a cat is so much better than having a dog. No offense to all the dogs and dog lovers out there.

1. You don't need to take them on walks

I consider myself a fairly lazy person, and I don't particularly love having to wake up early if I don't need to. This is one of the reasons I was never fond of having a dog. Having to go outside and walk around no matter what awful weather you could be facing - I'm not about it. My cats don't require any outside activities, and I looove it. More sleeping in for me.

2. They don't get as messy

Everyone has probably seen a cat licking their fur to give themselves a bath. While they do require actual bathing from time to time, it is not nearly as frequently needed like with a dog. Most of this is due to them not sweating as much as dogs since cats aren't as physically active.

3. They don't have too much energy

This could be seen as a negative for some people, but for people like me who do not possess the energy needed to keep up with a lively puppy, this is a blessing. I love that I don't have to chase my cat around to get their energy out, and we can just chill on the couch together instead.

4. They make good furnaces

Cats radiate HEAT. Whenever I come in from outside on a particularly cold day, I head straight for my cat. Warms me right up. Who needs an actual heater when you have a perfectly good cat lying around ready to warm you up?

5. Their fur is so soft

Cats have such luscious and soft fur (unless you have a sphinx cat). Petting their fur can cheer you up on even the worst days. For me, it works every time.

6. They are a live-in exterminator

Whenever I see a bug roaming my house, I summon my cats immediately. They can always sense the presence of the bug and have a good time finding a way to catch it. It's a win-win! They get to play and have a little snack, and I no longer have to run around my house in fear of a bug.

7. They learn quick

Unlike with dogs, who take quite a long time to train, cats learn rather quickly. Once you set a designated spot for their litter box to be, they remember quickly where it is and where they should go if they need to relieve themselves. It's always a plus not having to come home to pee stains all over the floor.

8. They love a good nap

I love me a good nap. So does my cat. Some may say we were made for each other. My cats can always sense when I am itching for a good nap, and are always right there to keep me company.

9. They sense evil spirits

Anybody else ever come upon their cat just staring at nothing? I'm convinced that this is because they can see all the evil spirits roaming around that we can't, and they are willing them to go away. A cat has got to look out for its family.

10. They make great cuddlers

Snuggling up with a nice, warm, furry cat? That's the best therapy one could ever ask for. My cats are always there whenever I need a good snuggle, and they are pretty skilled at it, too. There's nothing like a good cat snuggle.