5 Reasons a Nailer Deserves Your Try

Five Reasons a Nailer Deserves Your Try

Learn the benefits of using a nail gun instead of using old school hammer.


Nailer or, a nail gun is a tool that assists you in Nail Punching jobs and makes your household chores so easy. From the very beginning of time, people started using hammers to meet their day to day needs. Using hammers follows the easy process but if you can get the work done in a simpler way, why not give it a try?!

There are many reasons that can fuel your desire of using a nailer.

Five Must-Know Reasons are:

It makes your job faster

If one drives nails manually, he has to give enough time to fix it accurately. But according to Toolzfinder using a nailer, the work becomes three times faster! So, when in a hurry, go for a nailer without thinking twice!

No compromise with safety

Driving nails using a hammer is having a huge chance of injuring one's fingers as the nails are needed to be held on the place all the time. But nailers don't require that. One can easily drive the nails just by triggering it on to the position that requires only one hand. Again, it is having large triggers. So, one can easily work with it without wearing off the gloves.

No need to carry nails

No extra space to carry bags? No problem. Nailers itself have a case to carry pins. So the user can easily move around carrying only the nailer with a lighter tool belt. This also makes the work running and of less time-consuming.


While using a hammer, it is highly possible to miss the target or get the nails crooked. But there is no chance of being in the need of re-doing it if one uses nailers. Some nailers have a nail-size-adjustment mechanism that allows the user to use a variety of nails. Again, some are having work-lights with them. This ensures the accuracy even when there is darkness around. You are working on a job of varying depths? This is not a problem if you use a nailer. The drilling depth can easily be adjusted if nailer is your choice.

Making the best use of energy and time

Nailing manually generally takes two to three hits by the hammer to make the pin secured on the position. But as the nailers are power generated, it requires only one hit and provides the equal force and pressure to each pin and thus the power is being transmitted equally to all the nails.

This ensures same finish to all the pins and makes the job look good finished. Again, as the job can be done faster, it requires less power and energy to be done with the whole work. Why not opt for the method that can be caring for your power department, too?

Final Thoughts

Practice and experience can always make a person perfect in everything. Thinking from that point, an experienced user can certainly be perfect in his job even with a hammer. But there is no doubt that a nailer can add extra efficiency and time to his work. No matter if it is tackling, framing or roofing or other home improvement work, if you do not want to compromise with safety, accuracy and time, going with a nailer is a win-win choice!

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