6 Truth Bombs Life Drops On Your Head When Your Sister Gets Engaged
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6 Truth Bombs Life Drops On Your Head When Your Sister Gets Engaged

Here comes the bride... and her sister bawling like a baby

6 Truth Bombs Life Drops On Your Head When Your Sister Gets Engaged
Brianna Riede

My sisters and I have never been the typical trifecta of siblings. In fact, to be completely honest, we were pretty weird growing up. I would love to tell you a darling story of us playing "house" or finger painting beautiful Picasso-esc paintings.

If you walk down memory road with us though, you'll laugh at the scenes of us in bathrobes playing with chopsticks as if we were in Hogwarts (Shannen was always Hermione... I'm still salty about it). You'll find Shannen in the living room "teaching us English", or teaching us this really odd new game involving roller skates and me eating it on the cement outside.

I don't know about you, but my older sister has always been the silent ringleader in my life. The iron fist in a velvet glove, the person on the sidelines that will only step in if something puts me off in the right direction with a swift kick in the butt and a kiss on the cheek.

She's getting married this coming summer and watching her go through this process has really been eye-opening to quite a few things for me.

1. She's starting a family.

She's no longer the dingus kid in college calling my dad every once and a while to have a cry, but while still kicking ass and taking names. SHE'S STARTING A FAMILY! It's going to be the best damn family in the world but how crazy is it that the days of watching Disney Channel Original Movies (you thought I was going to say "are over" didn't you? They're not. We're still playing Cadette Kelly on movie nights) now include an (amazing) brother in law? And soon some little ones? Wow, this is too much, pass the Trolli Sour Gummy Worms.

2. We're getting old.

Ok, not like old, old. But enough to where we have to start remembering our daily moisturizers and get extremely excited about good crock pot recipes.

3. You have a new member of the family.

Shout out to Kyle, ultimate 'broski' in law. Do you know what the cool part is? They're built in friends. They basically have to like you because you're a part of the family. If your sister is marrying someone cool, they're there for life.

4. The days of imagining magical husbands are over.

I remember pondering our future husbands together. Stupid Ryan Reynolds is married so I guess I have to ponder a little more. But your sister? She's no longer doing that, she's found hers. He's at the store right now picking her up Chardonnay and a couple packs of Chex mix.

5. You've got to get it together.

I got a Snapchat this weekend of my sister and her fiance tasting cakes for the wedding. It's funny, I was doing the same thing in my apartment except it wasn't wedding cake and I was in leggings and a ratty shirt. If I'm going to be her age getting married with a house and a masters degree, it's time to get my act together.

(I'm only kind of serious about this, what can I say? Leggings are comfy and why not enjoy a little betty crocker every once in a while?)

6. Her fiancé is the luckiest guy in the whole world.

No explanation needed.

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