Real Men Are Sensitive With Each Other
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Real Men Are Sensitive With Each Other

If you can't tell your bros how much you love them, they aren't your bros.

Real Men Are Sensitive With Each Other

Controversial subject, but lets be real, your friends are the ones who you spend the most time with, almost as much as your family. My group of friends is literal family to me. As a group of dudes that was very conscientious about our masculinity, I can tell you that being intimate with your friends and your manliness has no correlation whatsoever. Why have a group of friends that are too afraid to acknowledge that they care about you?

I always knew my friends and I were way closer than most other groups of friends that we crossed paths with, but it never hit me how special of a relationship that was until we all went our separate ways to college. We're constantly sending snaps to each other talking about how much we miss each other and how we can't wait to hang out during breaks.

As freshmen in college, when we're all a little homesick, it is really reassuring when all of your boys aren't afraid to tell you they love you. Look for guys like that when you're looking for new friends or trying to build closer relationships. Friends should be able to confide in each other and be able to be as vulnerable as they want with each other with no judging. No judging doesn't mean you can't make fun of each other though. The perfect balance between this makes for the perfect friendship.

The boys whenever I say I'm sad

The boys after they get done making fun of me

There ya have it, folks, dudes do have feelings. If you ever meet a guy who is too tough to give his friends a hug goodbye or talk about their problems, chances are they probably aren't as close as they think they are. You should always strive to have intimate relationships with as many people as you can, so your closest friends should be, without any questions, the most comfortable people to be with. It doesn't mean that you are less of a man for being like this with other guys, it makes you more of a man for being able to get chicks and hug your homies all at the same time.

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