Real Life Gossip Girl?

Real Life Gossip Girl?

I've been an avid watcher of Gossip Girl and have introduced countless friends to the show. It wasn't until after finishing all six seasons for the third time, that I realized it mimicked real life.

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We may not have a particular person to send juicy details to, but with the rise of social media in the past decade, people now have access to everyone's business. There are plenty of platforms for people to express their feelings -- good or bad -- which gives others the ability to screen-grab it and share. Most smartphones have a "screenshot" application where you can take a picture of the current screen on your phone without any other person knowing (i.e. in iMessage). People have begun to create private "finstas" (fake Instagrams) where they can rant, spam, and drag people. The user only lets certain people follow and see their content due to how explicit it may be towards others.

I, myself, am guilty of owning a finsta and occasionally venting to my small following about any situation in my life or a certain person that just grinds my gears one day.

One time this backfired on me. I made an apology video to someone to explain some sort of situation that's irrelevant now. The person commented back and others joined in. There was a huge argument in the comment section. These aren't uncommon among finstas and are referenced to as a "finsta fight". Finsta fights light the match to spread gossip like a wildfire. I cannot tell you how many times someone has texted me and said: "Did you hear about the finsta fight? Request to follow them!" At the moment, of course, I want to follow them and see all that's going down, but it's also not my business.

I realize that a lot of things are not my business and although it may be fun to talk about, there's no reason for it.

If you're talking about a sticky situation just to talk about the same points and drag everyone in it, it's not productive, nor does it make the problem any better. It's like a huge game of telephone but on an even grander scale because of social media. Hundreds of people could know something with just the click of a button. In Gossip Girl, people would send in "tips" about others to get it posted on the site. These tips would stir up groundbreaking drama which would help the plot line move along. Isn't that how our world works, too? People gossip about others and spread twisted information which creates a problem that ends up blowing up. It hurts others, but people seem to enjoy it. People claim all the time on social media that they want nothing to do with drama. Most of the time, their actions don't back that statement. I feel that people want nothing to do with the drama about themselves, but as soon as tea is about to be spilled regarding someone else, it's like a source of entertainment.

I didn't see Gossip Girl as only a TV show -- I saw it as a mirror of our world and it made me think a lot about human behavior and my own actions.

A majority of the show contained unnecessary and unfortunate situations that could have been prevented if someone had just chosen to keep quiet and be nice. So many people today are mean and have ill-intentions just because they can. It boggles my mind as to why someone would willingly make a decision that they knew would hurt others. Serena and Blair definitely regretted their "Gossip Girl blasts" whenever they saw the aftermath it had on people...but they kept doing it. People do this today and they never learn.

I've witnessed so many people get hurt over gossip throughout high school, and now through my first semester of college.

Does it ever stop? Even my parents and older relatives have said that I just need to get used to it because people will always talk, no matter what stage of life you're in. To that, I say no. I believe that people can change and maybe with more awareness about how their actions impact others, they will realize how unnecessary it is to intentionally hurt people. It also says a lot about their character which can reflect poorly on them down the road.

This is my message to you all: learn from the mistakes of the characters in Gossip Girl. Be nice to others because you never know what they may be going through. Gossiping about others says more about you than it does about the people you're trashing. There are so many more things you could be doing than hurting people, and maybe the world would be a happier place if people were just nice to each other. Continue to learn and grow.

xoxo Gossip Girl

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