It's Important To Realize Real Lies In Fake Friendships

Friendship is defined as a state of mutual trust and support between allied nations. We have our friends and best-friends and pals I guess if anybody has those. Friends are meant to be people we can count on and go to with anything no matter our emotions. On the other hand, friends will backstab you, they will talk about you. To me, a friend should push you to reach your goals not to tear you down and give you self-doubt about yourself. Yes, they should humble you but there is a correct and wrong way to do this.

Let's talk about those fake friends in your life that you think you need but I can promise you, you don't. To begin with, if they are constantly tearing you down about your body for example that is not a good friend. Just to talk about girls real fast I am all about girls supporting girls, and that means to HYPE YOUR FRIENDS UP.

How the heck does it benefit you, bashing someone else about their body? Exactly it doesn't, it doesn't make you any slimmer, doesn't make your butt any bigger but it does make you look "uglier." By that I mean when I was growing up (I still am don't worry) my mom always told me not to "look ugly" in the means of bashing other people, yes people talk about people but constantly bashing someone that is meant to be your friend, yeah that ain't it, chief.

Friends talk about friends yes cause when someone pisses you off you're going to be like "wtf was Becky's problem" but constantly bashing her is not helpful.

I got blessed in the friend department. I have had the same best friend since pre-school and she has been my right hand ever since. I have made new close friends along the way but the bond me and my best-friend have nobody would get it. We look at each other and know what we are talking about. She encourages me to do the things that I want. She gives me her opinion on things also when I take to heart because she knows me so well and knows how I feel and knows when something is good for me. Yes, at the end of the day I make my own decisions but her opinion matters a lot to me and having someone you know you can always depend on is a great feeling.

If you constantly have people in your life that do nothing but tear you down, get rid of them. That might sound harsh but sometimes that's what people need to hear. If you don't have people who are supporting you and keeping you humble, then they aren't the friends for you. I'm not saying friends don't argue because my best-friend and I definitely have but the ones who stand by you no matter what and don't constantly talk crap are the ones you need in your life.

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