Are you a stalli? Standing at 5'8 and above or are you a Pony? Standing at 5'5 and below? Nevertheless, we are all on the same team. If you are confused from what I am referring to...girl where have you been!? This is a hot girl summer, the term "real hot girl shit" was founded by Megan thee Stallion, aka Tina Snow aka Meg. She is a new rapper in the industry to a few, but a lot of fans know she has been rocking with the rap game for a long time. She is an H TOWN HOTTIE! Born and raised in Houston, Texas; just like Queen Bee, Beyonce. Nevertheless, Meg is putting her name on the map and teaching all of us how to be on our hot girl shit.

Steps to becoming a hot girl:

1. Do not give the kitty up to anybody!

Fans know Meg teaches the hot girls we are the diamond and have all the miners at our neck! Don't have these niggas mining for diamonds all the time or they gonna end up hitting concrete! But in all seriousness ladies protect yourselves HIV is real STDs is real and another thing SOUL TIES are real!

2. Stack up like a stripper!

Its the summertime, perfect time to be on our hot girl shit, but as we know being a hot girl isn't all fun and games. As hot girls we baggin these internships, jobs that pay over minimum wage and running businesses. Keeping money in our pockets protects us from depending on our sugar daddies all the time! Seriously stack your money you never know what festivities may pop up and when you wanna get lit lit!

3. Real ass women support each other!

Last thing ladies ain't nothing worse than women bashing other women! As a hot girl, we embrace our beauty but also acknowledge and love other women as well. We can do so much better as a whole and showing the future generation of females on how to treat each other if we start this movement. You never know where being nice could get you, a new job promotion, free lunch or shit maybe a free trip!

That's all for this post! I could spill so many more beans about being a HOTGIRL but I want to be ladylike (if you catch my drift). I hope you all find your inner hot girl! And if you have not already stream Megan thee stallion! Other than that let me get back to driving the boat!!!