In today's society reading books for fun is no longer common. Technology has taken over and most people would rather spend time on their gadgets. When I ask why this is so, the most common excuse I hear is books are boring, but the tea is all the TV shows and movies we love so much started off as stories.

Unless you're an avid reader, you probably do not know how to look for books and with the plethora of genres it can make the whole process a nightmare. But it's pretty simple, before going to the library or a bookstore, think about the genres of your favorite movies and TV shows. Then, go to your local library/bookstore and tell them the genres you're looking for and read the descriptions of each story just like you would do for a movie or TV show. Once you find the description that appeals the most to you, read the first few pages and if you find yourself immersed, then you've found the book for you!

I have met people who never read, but once I found the genres they were interested in I was easily able to pair them with a book they enjoyed. Reading can be as fun as binge watching once you find the one's that appeal to you!