Thursday night's Republican debate provided a perfect balance of serious issues that need to be spoken about and jokes. Real hardcore, knee-slapping, cackle-inducing jokes. Whether the candidates mocked President Obama's State of the Union address or history in office, or poked fun at each other, the-two-and-a-half-hour debate was entertaining as well as informational. As told by the Kardashian Klan, here's how we all reacted to the main show.

When Ted Cruz opened the night by saying "the next Commander in Chief is on this stage":

When Chris Christie renamed the State of the Union address "Story Time with Barack Obama":

And then said Hillary Clinton wouldn't get within "10 miles of the White House":

And Jeb Bush tacked on to the Hillary conversation by saying her first 100 days in office would consist of her traveling "between the White House and the court house":

And even Marco Rubio chimed in to say that Hillary is "disqualified from becoming the President":

When Ben Carson cleverly remarked, "I'm happy to get a question so early on, I was going to ask you to wake me up when the time came":

And then claimed he could rebut because a candidate referred to "everybody on the stage":

When Ted Cruz talked about being called an "evil demonic spirit" by the New York Times:

And came back at Trump's attack on his eligibility by saying "since September the Constitution hasn't changed, but the polls have":

...And Trump's only comeback was to admit that he started attacking Cruz again now because he was starting to gain ground in the polls:

And when Trump said Cruz only had a "four or five percent chance" at winning:

Then Marco Rubio chimed in by saying "I hate to interrupt this episode of Court TV but...":

After Chris Christie told Obama, “We are going to kick your rear end out of the White House this fall”:

When Donald Trump educationally described Indonesia as "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb":

And then told everyone he loved "China and the Chinese people":

When Rubio called the EPA the "Employment Preventing Agency":

When Ben Carson called the American government "evil":

When the moderators started talking about taxes:

And Christie said to Rubio, "You had your chance and you blew it":

When Ted Cruz blatantly attacked New Yorkers and said that not many Conservatives "come out of Manhattan":

And, for once, Trump calmly responded by defending New York as a "great place" with "great," "loving," and "wonderful people":