Stop Approaching Random Dogs Without Asking Their Owners

Stop Approaching Random Dogs Without Asking Their Owners

Just because you have a friendly dog doesn't mean you should approach someone with an aggressive one.


While not all people may do this, there are definitely some who will approach any dog they see while they are with their dog just because theirs is friendly. Unfortunately, that can lead to fights between the two or more dogs due to their lack of consideration that the other dog could be aggressive.

Now, before I go into detail about this subject, I would like to say that I am not intending to judge those who do this. In fact, I used to be one of the people who only thought about the fact that my dog was friendly, and the only reason I found out about how it can affect others is that I ended up adopting a dog named Zoey, whom I found out afterward was aggressive towards other dogs.

My personal experience with my aggressive dog, Zoey, wasn't as bad as others may have experienced. She was an angel around people, but she struggled a little more around fellow canines. Thankfully after carefully introducing her to my family's other dog, Salty, they got along fine, although she definitely considered herself to be the dominant dog.

The biggest problem was on the walks. I would try to walk her every day, and although I live in a more forested area than a complete neighborhood, I would still often pass by other dogs. If they were behind a fence Zoey would pull and maybe bark, but not as much as when they were just across the street, or sometimes right in front of me. I often times would have to quickly cross the street, or sometimes even cut a walk short so that she wouldn't get aggressive and possibly hurt any dogs because the people were having no problem approaching me while walking in the middle of the road.

There were admittedly a few times where Zoey attacked other dogs, but the times it did happen, the dogs were on our property. We didn't have a fence on our property, but we also lived on 6 acres of forest, and our dogs were good about staying on our property. Because of this, we usually didn't have to worry about my dog while at home. The first dog she attacked was walked down to our house by people we knew, and the dog, named Roary, was known to be a generally nice dog, but Zoey was one of the dogs he would occasionally show some aggression towards, whether she showed it first or not. He had just gotten stitches from a surgery when he was brought down to our property, and Zoey was outside sunbathing while I was doing homework.

I didn't notice that Roary was there at first, but then I noticed Zoey was sniffing him while her hackles were up, but she hadn't done anything aggressive yet. I felt nervous so I started to go outside when I heard barking. I quickly rushed outside to see that Roary's stitches had been opened, most likely from Zoey and not from simple movements. Nobody was sure which dog started the fight, but we ended up driving Roary to the animal hospital and fully paid for the medical attention needed. He ended up being fine and mostly just needing to be restitched.

The second time was a very similar situation. I was at work when it happened, and I'm not sure which dog it was, but what I do know is that the dog was brought down to our property while Zoey was outside. It once again resulted in us bringing the dog to the animal hospital and fully paying for the medical expenses, and thankfully that dog ended up okay as well.

Unfortunately, after that, it was decided that it was becoming quite difficult to take care of Zoey due to her aggression, as well as the fact that it would have been much too stressful for my parents to take care of her once I began attending college. Because of this, I ended up having to give her away on October 5th, 2016, and I can still remember every detail of my last minutes with her before heading off to school.

When someone first sees a dog, the first thing that often comes to mind is "Awww it's so cute," and often times that can distract you from other aspects, such as subtle signs of aggression. Some that I would recommend looking for is dilated pupils, panting when it isn't very warm out, its tail is down or in between its legs, its hackles are up, even if it's just slightly, and/or its teeth are showing. These are just the behaviors I know of, but I'm sure there are many more that I have yet to learn and I would recommend looking into, most of which are caused by fear.

In the end, not every dog is friendly. No matter how lovable your dog might be, always keep in mind that the dog walking across the street from you might be aggressive towards other dogs, and make sure it's okay with the owner before approaching. I'm not saying to fear every dog, I'm just saying that if a dog is showing any sign of aggression, or the owner looks nervous and/or tense, then please give them space unless they say otherwise.

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10 Reasons Australian Shepherds Are The Best Dogs

How can you not love a wiggle butt?


Australian Shepherd's are a long-haired breed of working dog originally bred to herd livestock. Since their beginning, the role has reversed where they make outstanding house pets. Also known as Aussie's, the breed has become a favorite to many families all around the world. These are 10 out of the billions of reasons that Australian Shepherd's are the best dog ever.

1. They are balls of fluff as puppies.

What is this cotton ball running at me!? Oh, wait! That is my Australian Shepherd. When they are small and they still have their baby hair, it sticks out and is really soft. They are a living, breathing, cotton ball with eyes. I might be biased, but Aussie puppies are the cutest puppies. They are so high energy and their personalities are really starting to shine through. They are the kind of puppy that will steal one's heart with one sweet look.

2. They are intelligent.


It comes as no surprise that Australian Shepherd's are the genius of the dog world. With all their energy comes a willingness to be trained in order to drain their battery. They can easily learn basic tricks like sit, lay down, stay, and then some. Heck, my Aussie learned how to give me kisses on command without me even training her! If you are looking for a dog that is easy to train, then you have found your perfect match.

3. They are loyal.

It is also no shocker that Australian Shepherds are loyal dogs. They will love you unconditionally. I cannot tell you how many times I have raised my voice at my dog and she seemed so sad. At the end of the day, she always cuddles up to me and makes me forget why I was even mad in the first place. They are the type of dog that would go back into a burning house to find their owner. Their love for us makes it impossible not to swoon over them

4. They like exercise.


If running is your thing, you Aussie will be up for the challenge of going with you. Australian Shepherds are very active dogs. They like to be outside, running and playing. Making sure they get more than adequate amounts of exercise will make for a happy pup, as well will probably protect your belongings from being ripped up. Just like a child, if they do not get the proper amount of activity, they will get cranky and throw a fit. If you do not have a yard or you do not want to go on a lot of walks, then getting an Aussie is probably not for you. But I promise they will not be too much of a terror as long as you care for them properly.

5. They are happy dogs.

Rebecca Swyers

Aussie's are very happy and it is contagious - just like how another human's happiness is spreadable. Along with all the love they show comes great joy for you and the pup. They will show you that bliss when you come home, feed them, walk them, or just give them attention. If you like the cute picture of this pup, please show her love in the comments section because she is my Australian Shepherd. Her name is Millie. I never said this article was unbiased.

6. They have funny personalities.


They are the quirkiest of dogs. Every single Aussie has a different, individual personality. Like every person, each Aussie is a snowflake (different from the next). For example, I have two Australian Shepherd. Millie (pictured on number 5), is milder tempered than our male Aussie, Mate. While both are high energy, Mate needs to go out more and is a little more pushy for attention. Millie is okay with sitting at home all day but is jealous. Both dogs, are different even though they grew up together.

7. They are born to work.

Shepherd's were originally bred to heard. They come from the Western U.S, despite the name, and were bred to herd livestock in particular. Since this is the case, they are working dogs at heart. They will always be happiest with a job to do. If you live on land and have different types of cattle, the Aussie is the perfect dog to help you on the ranch. If not, be sure to give them sort of job. My dogs have took it upon themselves to keep my cats herded inside, despite never training them to do so. If you give them sort of job, they will love you and be happy.

8.They are gentle giants.


While Aussie's are not really "giants", they sure are gentle. They are very docile when it comes to children and people they know they should be around. They will not be the one's to bite your fingers when you give them a treat, they will gently grab it from you. They are very sweet dogs which is part of what makes them the best breed of dog. What is not to love about a dog that will literally skip for you.

9. They are sleepy pups.

With hard work comes a hard nap and the Australian Shepherd is the master of nap time. Aussie's are the best cuddle buddies know to man. While dogs are mans best friend, the Australian Shepherd is the BFF. They do get tired from all the hard work and the exhaustive activity of loving you. This makes them great at naps. They will sleep when you sleep and sleep when you are not sleeping. They will also cuddle the heck out of you while you are taking a siesta as well.

10. They have a wiggle butt.

The final reason that the Australian Shepherd is the best dog ever is their wiggle butt. When they get excited or happy, they will shake their whole back end. Since their tails typically get docked as babies, they do not have a tail to wag. Since that is the case, they will shake their whole butt like they would their tail. It is honestly the cutest thing you might ever see. It is just another reason to give all your love to this special breed of dog. If you need video proof of their wiggle butt please click here.

While I can think of billions of reasons that Australian Shepherd's are the best dog you could have, I have provided 10 of my favorite qualities about this special breed of dog. Dogs are truly man's best friends, but Aussie's are better than the other dogs. I may be biased, but you can be someday too.

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Save Your Pet And Do Not Buy From Hartz

Together we can stop this brand from taking innocent animals lives.


I recently had the scariest experience and felt the need to share in hopes it can help someone else. I gave my cat 'Hartz UltraGaurd Topical Flea & Tick Prevention for cats and kittens' and it was the worst decision I've made. I bought the medication at Walmart, but it can be found at many retail stores.

Image result for phartz cat and flea prevention

Minutes after I applied the topical flea medicine to my cat's neck, my sweet Dory started acting extremely weird and aggressive, which is so abnormal. I started to watch her closely and then noticed she could barely breathe, her heart was racing, she couldn't open her eyes, and she was foaming at the mouth.

I immediately googled these symptoms and the words poison, toxicity, and lethal kept occurring in every search I made in regards to the Hartz flea and tick medicine for dogs and cats. These harmful medications included topical treatments, collars, and washes for flea and tick prevention.

The relations my cat had happened within 10 minutes of the treatment being applied. I can't imagine what would have happened if I were to of left for class or happened to just not of been home to know what was going on. Fortunately, my cat is so lucky I was home and able to get the product off of her as soon as I noticed these deathly reactions.

I have read almost 100 reviews of people tragically losing their pets from Hartz products. I am shocked that so many people have had such negative experiences with this brand, yet their products remain on the shelf.


I have included the link to a website I found that was made specifically for people to share their stories about their pets death, or near death, because of this brands products!

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