You take one look at the forecast and see that it is going to be a miserable day. You had plans to go out and do something outside, but now you can't? Now what?

Don't worry, the day isn't ruined. In fact, when it comes to activities, rainy days can be just as fun as sunny days or any other day. So, look no further because here are some great ideas to help cure any boredom or cabin fever that might make its way in.

1. Have a movie (or TV show) marathon

movie theatre

It's something that can keep everyone (yes, even the kid that says "can we do something" every five seconds) occupied and entertained.

2. Build a blanket fort

Then, try turning all of the lights off. Maybe this could be part of the movie marathon!

3. Indoor treasure hunt

scavenger hunt

Even if it is just random little trinkets, another good way to keep the kids busy for a few little while. And hey, a prize could always be handed out to the person who finds the most - maybe an extra dessert?

4. Clean up


Spend the day simply cleaning. it can be pretty entertaining to see what you find when you're bored!

5. Play board games or cards

game of life

This could be one of the best times to teach your kids new card games and maybe brush up on some of your own tricks. Board games have a way of bringing people together, whether it's for the best or worse, only time can tell.

6. Bake

baking cookies

Baking is always so much fun! Not only does it make the house smell good, but now you have some tasty treats.

7. Read a book


Sometimes, a good and entertaining book is all you need to get through a stormy day.

8. Indoor camping

This is a lot like building a fort, but much more cozy.

9. Mini golf course


This could bring all sorts of fun and can be a way to explore your house in a way that you haven't before.

10. If all else fails, go out and play in the rain

play in rain

Yeah, it's not the most ideal of things to do, but it can be fun! Just remember to put on those raincoats and boots before heading outside.

11. Be happy when the sunshine finally does return.


*Cue Annie singing "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow"*