Rainstorms and Fires

Rainstorms and Fires

A mighty rainstorm rages, but so does the fire in a home.


The rain was falling

all throughout the day.

Making it seem as if

it would never go away.

The rain kept coming

all through the night.

Causing the moon and stars

to be hidden from sight.

The rivers flowed quickly,

as their water levels grew higher.

But none of that bothered

the old man by his fire.

Despite the wetness

and coldness outside,

he was toasty and warm

due to the fire he sat beside.

He lit his tobacco pipe

and slowly began to puff.

Enjoying a nice smoke,

and not worrying about other stuff.

He smiled and leaned back

as the fire raged and roared.

The rain outside, not forgotten,

but completely ignored.

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