In this generation, radio is present but it is not as present as it used to be. Growing up, the way to know about winning concert tickets would be to call in through radio, there weren't other ways through social media that we could enter to win Hilary Duff concert tickets.

Also, back when we did listen to traditional radio frequently, it was how we heard new songs for the first time. There was no better feeling than listening to a song on the radio for the first time before technology/the internet took over. iTunes was not as popular as it is today with Apple music and the iTunes store. So this generation is now so used to having iTunes/Apple Music, but also Spotify, Tidal, and other streaming services. I think that it is harder for traditional radio stations, like Q100 to invite college students to listen and call in because of how the music format has changed but also how our lives have changed.

As college students, we have so many other things we are doing on a daily basis, so sometimes radio won't make it in the day unless it comes on in the car. Granted, there are still some people that listen to the radio in a traditional sense. It still is hard to tell what direction it is going to go in when this generation is older. I do think that radio is trying to cater towards more audiences nowadays because they are noticing that listeners need radio online and on the go, so them doing that is a step in the right direction.

I also think that advertisers are starting to put out their ads for audiences that they think are going to want to try their products. They want to keep up with the Generation Z, so revamping their commercials with the latest lingo is something they are in the process of doing.