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What is something us humans crave constantly? Besides chocolate... We crave happiness. Happiness is an emotion we all want to feel as often as we can.

It is important we understand that we will not always be happy. There will be struggles and stress that rises in our day to day lives but how we respond to these stressful situations is significant. We can choose our behavior responses to anything we go through.

When the going gets tough, remember that the tough get going. When stress creeps up through the sliver of the front door take a deep breath. Evaluate the situation before you explode into full drama mode. Allow your body and mind to sit in silence and the answers will come. We have to stay composed when hell breaks loose if we want to see the light again.

Once you can accept that you do not have control of what may cross your path, you surrender to the universe. If you can do this then the universe will do the rest of the work for you. It is vital that we understand the universe does not know "yes or no," it only knows energy. So as long as you are willing to put in positive energy, even when the tides are pulling you an opposite direction, the universe will make sure you receive that same optimistic energy you put into the world.

Keep your head up even when it's pouring.

You are probably wondering what does this have to do with happiness. Am I right? This has everything to do with happiness. If you can stay calm and composed when life is not living the way you want it to then you have the ability and strength to alter your emotional responses. Take deep breaths often and see the difference you feel in your body. That powerful source energy flowing through your veins. This energy will begin to play out in your day as long as you are mindful of your thoughts.

We create our own reality. We can choose happiness. Half-full, not half empty.

You got a shitty grade on your test. Are you going to let this one shitty grade ruin your day? Or are you going to evaluate your shitty grade during that very moment and decide that next time you will study harder or even seek tutoring? Now go on about your day look at what you can learn from in both the good and bad you face in life.

As long as you are able to learn from your stressful situations or mistakes than you can let go. Let go. Move on. Continue your day. You are never going to get this day back. It is not worth staying angry or sad. Your life is worth living not stressing.

We should be grateful for how powerful our minds are. We control our thoughts and our thoughts become our reality. We manifest our thoughts. So choose positive thoughts. Choose happiness and watch the radiance within you begin to vibrate without you.

Will you choose happiness before today is gone?

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