Racial Profiling: An American Experience

Racial Profiling: An American Experience

Short prose detailing the various experiences of people of color in the US

oohhsnapp (Pixabay)

"I love your long black hair"

"I love your dark brown skin"

"Can I see your green card?"

Kicked out of shop in Chinatown at age 9 for looking

Glared at in museums

"There's a Black guy in the back"

"Where are you from?"

"Where are your parents from?"

"No, like where are you really from?"

Clutches purse to herself

Youth cries adjacent to me

"Mama I don't want to"

"Are you sure?"

"We have to make sure you're not lying"

"Are you telling the absolute truth?" the officer asked.

Even though my blood runs red, white, and blue,

And have no dialect none,

What I usually see is

"Go Back Home"

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