One of my goals for 2019 is to read more, and I wanted to kick off the year with a motivational read. I saw a lot of buzz on social media regrading Rachel Hollis' novel Girl, Wash Your Face. The way the book is set up is each chapter is a lie she has told herself, which also happens to be common lies all women tell themselves. She then goes on to explain a situation and how she recovered from that lie. With each chapter I read I felt more inspired and motivated knowing that I wasn't alone in some of the lies I too even tell myself. Rachel Hollis is the life coach every girl needs because let's face it, life sucks sometimes, and it's very easy to get in a negative mindset.

"Life is not supposed to overwhelm you at all times. Life isn't meant to be merely survived- it's meant to be lived." 

"When you really want something, you will find a way. When you don't really want something, you'll find an excuse." 

"Ladies, our judging has to stop. So does our compulsion to compete with everyone around us."

"When it comes to your dreams, no is not an answer. The word no is not a reason to stop. Instead, think of it as a detour or a yield sign. No means merge with caution. No reminds you to slow down- to re evaluate where you are and to judge how the new position you're in can better prepare you for your destination." 

"If time has taught me anything, it's that our differences are what make this life unique."

"Today there may be items on your to-do list, but you also have a long list of things you have achieved. You've already done little things and big things... goals you accomplished years ago that are on someones else bucket list."

"I believe that you are not a mistake- and feeling guilty about who you are (working, staying at home, overweight, underweight, overeducated, uneducated, emotional, bookish, street- smart, or whatever) does a disservice to yourself and the creator who made you. There are hundreds of ways to lose yourself, but the easiest of them all is refusing to acknowledge who you truly are in the first place."

"I am still here because I refuse to let my trauma have the last word. I am still here because I will not let a nightmare have more power than my dreams. I am still here because I didn't allow the hard time to make me weak; I willed it to make me strong."

"I think we function better mentally, emotionally, and physically when we take care of our bodies with nourishment, water, and exercise. The lie I used to believe was that my weight would define me, that it would speak volumes about who I was as a person. Today I believe it's not your weight that defines you, but the care and consideration you put into your body absolutely does." 

"Girl, get ahold of your life. Stop mediating, stop hiding out, stop being afraid, stop giving away pieces of yourself, stop saying you can't do it. Stop the negative self- talk, stop abusing your body stop putting it off for tomorrow or Monday or next year. Stop crying about what happened and take control of what happens next. Get up, right now."

After reading these quotes my only hope is that you are on your way to the store to pick up a copy. It is seriously such a great book that every woman needs to read.