10 Questions I Have About Air Travel

10 Things I Still Need Answers For As Someone Who Has A Fear Of Flying

It's impossible for a gremlin to tear up the wing... Right?

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I've talked before about my fear of flying, and even after more air travel experiences in the past few months than in my lifetime, there's still a lot I want to know.

1. Will there be an easier way to go through security?


I know, I know. All that crap is there for a reason, to prevent one of my worst case frying scenarios: terrorists. Still, it's kind of annoying when you need to take out your laptop, phone, emotional support plushies that you may or may not have, and remove your coat if you're traveling to and/or from somewhere cold and shoes.

2. Is there a difference between domestic and international terminals?


This is a legitimate question. I've only traveled within the country. Are there better stores and restaurants? Do the chairs in the terminals have outlets? Are there terminals for certain countries? Continents?

3. Do I talk to the other people waiting to get on my flight?


I hope not. If I don't, do I appear rude? Can I just pretend to be listening to music or watching a movie?

4. Can I really trust the baggage handlers?


I'm just incredibly paranoid about my stuff. This is why I always put my laptop and medicine in a carry on. Bags can get lost, you know, people make mistakes.

5. How close to boarding should I have a drink?


Or is a Xanax the best bet? Even with the logic and new experience, I'm still going to freak out when the plane takes off and when there's turbulence.

6. How good is premium economy?


I've only flown on discount airlines with only economy, but I'll be flying premium when I go abroad. I've heard things, like there's more leg room, the food is slightly better, and *gasp* priority boarding.

7. How do you sleep on a plane?


Especially if one finds it impossible to sleep in a car... and especially if the flight is overnight and it'll be daytime at your destination, plus there'll be a lot of orientation stuff to do.

8. Are babies banned from night flights?


I hope so. And if not, can they be? I can't be the only one that thinks this.

9. How do people pack for a semester abroad?


Two bags, the airline says, and people manage with that. It takes two cars to hold my stuff when I move in and out of dorms. How's that going to work?

10. How are planes statistically safer than cars?


I mean, they're thousands of feet in the air, and the even of a crash, the fall alone could kill people, and god forbid you're over a body of water. Maybe it's that they don't just let anyone fly planes while virtually anyone can get a driver's license? Or all the baggage and other regulations that are usually strictly enforced? I don't know.

It'll all be worth it when the destination is reached, but I still have to get there. Planes, why must you be so fear inducing?

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