Queen is one of those bands that will always be played on the radio no matter how old their songs are. Whenever I make the six-hour drive home from school, the majority of my time in the car is spent listening to Queen.

I was lucky enough to attend a show on the Queen + Adam Lambert Tour at the United Center in Chicago last summer. I know I say this after literally every concert I go to... but this was the best concert EVER. Even though Freddie Mercury himself wasn't there, he was there.

After looking back at my concert videos and pictures, I decided to make a playlist of my top 15 Queen songs.

1. Somebody to Love

This is probably the best Queen song of all time honestly.

2. Bohemian Rhapsody

If you don't know all of the words to this one, you are FAKE.

3. Don't Stop Me Now

This will instantly put you in a good mood.

4. We Are the Champions

It's inevitable that this song will be played at every championship game of every sport ever.

5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

If you're wondering why this song screams Elvis, it's because Freddie Mercury wrote it as a tribute to him.

6. Fat Bottomed Girls

This song is pretty much a classy version of Baby Got Back.

7. We Will Rock You

It's impossible to read the title of this song and not hear the beat.

8. Killer Queen

This one doesn't have as much of a rock vibe like the others, but it's still a favorite.

9. Brighton Rock

This one may be 90% guitar solo but if you ever need something to get you amped up, this is it.

10. You're My Best Friend

This one is a classic that will continue to be in commercials and movies forever.

11. Another One Bites the Dust

I've never realized how dark this song is until right now.

12. Under Pressure

Queen and David Bowie??? What more could you ask for?

13. Stone Cold Crazy

Freddie Mercury actually played this song before Queen was created.

14. Hammer to Fall

This was one of the perfect opening songs for the Queen + Adam Lambert Tour.

15. Bicycle Race

This one grew on me. Nothing was better than seeing Adam Lambert roll out on stage on a huge bicycle to sing this song.

Honorable Mention: Love Of My Life

Didn't put this in my top 15 but it deserved to be talked about. It's way slower than a typical Queen song but it's still so good. I wouldn't put it on your car ride playlist unless you're in the mood to cry a little.