Remember that sense of curiosity and silliness you had as a child? Do you ever wonder where it went? I ask myself often why I quit being crazy. As a kid, I used to do weird things that made no sense like talking to bugs or trying to lick my elbows. As adults, we are taught that silly things are a waste of time that could be used doing something productive. I would argue that a healthy dose of nonsense per day is very productive! It reminds our hearts that life was never meant to be taken so seriously.

I recently partook in some foolishness when I decided to try on all of my shirts at the same time! I laid them all out in my living room and organized them from smallest to largest. After giving some serious thought to which kinds of tops should be included in this experiment, I decided upon all my t-shirts (long and short sleeved) plus all my tank tops. The total came out to 59 shirts. That number seemed daunting at first, but my inner child reminded me that I was not one to back down from a challenge.

I started with long sleeve t-shirts first, since I had calculated that the sleeves would not fit over the rest of the shirts. This was the beginning of a long, sweaty journey:

Getting on the first few shirts wasn't too challenging; I still had plenty of mobility. It felt like wearing a large ski coat with extra padding around my shoulders. As you can see, multiple long sleeve shirts make your shoulder muscles look fabulous.

Tank tops presented a new challenge because they were cut so close to my armpit area. Thankfully, the necklines on my tanks weren't as high as the long sleeves, so I wasn't being choked just yet.

Things started to get pretty sweaty after layering on the short sleeve tshirts. The necklines started to restrict my esophagus, so breathing was a struggle. I was quickly losing mobility with each shirt (I couldn't raise my hands above my shoulders), so my sweet friend came over to help dress me!

By the time I put on all 59 shirts, things had gotten out of control. I was sweating like a pig, and no longer had feeling in my torso. I must say though, I looked buff. Maybe this is what The Rock feels like when he puts on t-shirts...

My friend had to undress me from this disaster because I was rendered helpless underneath 59 layers of clothing. But, all in all, it was a truly empowering experience. I 10/10 would recommend doing something totally insane in the name of reclaiming your inner kid. Ultimately, I took back some of the childhood playfulness that adult life was starting to take from me. I got to do a goofy thing for no other reason than kicks and giggles. For the first time in a long time, I laughed my butt off!

Here's to your silly self! GO HAVE FUN!