Everyone can get caught up in their phones. Whether you're going on a long trip or even just taking a trip to the bathroom, you always find yourself bringing your phone with you. No one thinks that they're addicted to their phones, we believe it's just a device to make our lives easier. But listen—they are literally everything! This past Monday I woke up to no power in my apartment. Not that big of a deal right? Wrong! I wanted to carry out my regular Monday routines, but couldn't because of the fact that I had no WIFI. Thankfully our power came back on after a little while because we have a generator, however, WIFI was still not working. And let me tell you… that was rough.

Honestly, the thing that made it so bad is the fact that everything is online nowadays…including class information and assignments!! While I push to get most stuff done on Sunday's and Monday's so the upcoming week isn't as stressful, I couldn't do that! I couldn't even access my syllabus to see what assignments I had coming up this week! And while I don't mean to make this a pity party, it just made me think about how often we use our phones and what we would be like without them.

Everything is online. Announcements are made daily about upcoming events this week, including sorority events or just simply announcements that everyone needs to hear. I wasn't able to get those announcements unless I used my cellular data on my phone or going to the library to have WIFI, which I did wind up going to. But the point is that without a smartphone, you are completely out of the loop!

How is it that everything is on our phones or mobile devices? How did we get so dependent on them? Is the addiction only going to grow stronger? It's a scary thought and while I was out of whack this morning, it made me realize how dependent we are. No WIFI? What's the big deal? Just go to the library to get work done? But instead of thinking logically, I just complained about the fact that we didn't have WIFI in the apartment. The sad part is that I think most kids my age would react in the way that I did. Complaining so much we wouldn't even have the thought to go to the library, instead, we would just wallow and complain—or at least I can speak for myself. From now on I'm going to try to be off my phone more and not be so dependent on it, and I think you should do the same.

We once lived in a time when our whole world wasn't at the touch of our fingertips. And although all the technology and advancements these days are amazing, it's important to not be so dependent on them. Put the damn phone down, and go outside.