7 Reasons Why Purdue is My Favorite Place to Be
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7 Reasons Purdue is My Favorite Place to Be

A list of why Purdue has become my home away from home.

Emily Hendricks
Emily Hendricks

When it came to choosing colleges, I wasn't really sure what to do. I had a slight idea of what I wanted to study, but I didn't know which school would be the best for me. After attending college visits and several presentations at my high school, I had narrowed it down to three colleges in Indiana: Indiana University, Ball State University, and Purdue University. I only looked at IU because of Kelley, Ball State was a well-known medium-sized college, and I had grown up a Boilermaker, making Purdue an obvious choice. Going through the benefits and the downfalls of each university, I finally made the best choice of my life: attending Purdue University to study Marketing at the Krannert School of Management.

The people.

Since the very first day of BGR as a freshman, I have met some incredible people on this campus. Some of my very best friends I met in the first few weeks, and other relationships I have built along the way. I know for a fact these people have impacted my experience here at Purdue in the best possible way, and college would have been a very different place without them. I have Purdue to thank for bringing them into my life, and hopefully, I get to keep them all with me forever.

The sports.

While we've had our wins and losses over the last three years, I have been incredibly proud to be a Boilermaker at every home game I have gotten to attend. With the student boarding pass, I also am part of the Ross-Ade Brigade and the Paint Crew, our football and basketball student sections. My favorite games to watch are those of our men's basketball team, and it is so cool to say I have been here through two Big Ten championships.

The opportunities.

Through Krannert and Purdue I was able to study abroad in my dream city of London the summer after my sophomore year. Having this opportunity was incredible and truly helped me grow as a person. BGR introduced me to incredible people of all walks of life, including some of my closest friends. Similarly, the opportunity to live on campus with complete strangers brought me to the people I surround myself with even now, going into my senior year. Because of my academic plan, in addition to my marketing and business classes, I have gotten the chance to take some really interesting classes. One of my favorites is a course in Greek and Roman mythology, with actually lead me to add a Classical Studies minor to my degree.

The location.

Since I am from Indianapolis, I loved that "going away" for college only meant an hour and a half drive from home. I am very close with my family, so the ability to go home every once in a while is a huge benefit. Still being in Indiana definitely helped with the adjustment period, because while it was different from Indy, it is a very similar environment.

The history.

My dad attended Purdue when he was in college, so I was raised a Boilermaker. I played sports in middle school against a team up in Lafayette, so a few times a year we would be up in Northern Indiana and visit the campus. Knowing that Purdue was a part of my dad's history as well as my own made it easy to see it as my future home.

The environment.

I have never once felt unsafe on such a large campus. I always feel comfortable walking home from late night exams or visiting a friend on the other side of campus. Since I arrived for BGR, Purdue has always preached FREEZONE and I have always felt that in the environment that is our campus. You can be yourself, you can be proud of who you are and what you do.

The growth.

Who I have become as a person has been influenced by all parts of my life, but Purdue has definitely helped me become more myself. Since my freshman year, I have learned more about who I am and the world itself. Coming to a new school, I had to put myself out there and make new friends, be more social. I am now more independent, more self-aware, and much more open-minded.

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