Why I'm Pumped For Flo Rida's New Album

Who would’ve guessed that Flo Rida would stay so relevant since 2008? I definitely didn’t. Flo Rida has been having hits since 2008 with his breakout success with “Low.” I remember when “Low” came out and everybody was yelling “boots with the fur” at every dance in middle school. I thought that Flo Rida was going to just be a one hit wonder with his success of “Low." but I thought wrong. Flo Rida has remained relevant by creeping up the charts with his catchy singles. “Elevator," “In the Ayer,” “Right Round," “Club Can’t Handle Me," “Wild One," and “Whistle” are all hits that Flo Rida has turned out over the years. Can you name one of his albums though? Yeah, I couldn’t either.

Flo Rida has successfully managed to have a career around singles. I mean who looks forward to a new Flo Rida album? Flo Rida just has a way of finding the right time to release a single that rockets up the charts. Who even knows if Flo Rida even releases an album? I think that it is amazing to look at how his career has been and the fact that all of his success is based around singles and not albums. Nowadays everyone looks forward to that new Lady Gaga album or Beyonce album, and people don’t say that they look forward to Flo Rida’s new single. Most of the time, people don’t even know Flo Rida has a new single until they hear it all over the radio. Here are my reasons as to why I think Flo Rida has remained relevant in the music industry.

Timing is Everything

When have you ever been counting down the days until the next Flo Rida single? I think it is safe to say that not many people have done that. Flo Rida has a way of “secretly” releasing singles and next thing you know they are in the top 10 of iTunes. He knows when to release a certain single where that hole of hip hop/ pop is missing on the charts. You never really know when he is going to release a new song, but when he does, it is hard to miss it.

Perfect Dance Hits

Flo Rida has mastered his genre and nailed what he does best. Hip Hop music that has radio play potential is what he excels at. The "turnt" beats of his music easily makes them good club hits. The songs also have enough pop in them that make them in to radio hits as well. He isn’t over here spitting fire rap verses, but still manages to dive in to that hip hop genre. He has meshed hip hop, pop, and radio potential all in one creating a perfect blend that keeps his success up.

Guilty Pleasure By All

I mean who actually is a fan of Flo Rida? Is there a hidden fan base somewhere that I am not aware of? I don’t think so and that is quite impressive. Flo Rida has maintained popularity without even having a loyal fan base, that I know of. I can attest that his music can be a guilty pleasure of mine and others as well. You can’t tell me that when you hear “My House” that you don’t start busting a move?

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