A Day In The Life of a PR Professional As Told By Olivia Pope

I have always wanted to be a teacher, ever since I was a little girl. My first role model was my kindergarten teacher and naturally teaching became my dream job. My vision was to make an impact on students, shaping them into responsible and intelligent citizens.

As I grew older, I pursued that dream. I took every child development course, taught in a preschool, and became a nanny. Working with children consumed my everyday life. I wouldn't change these experiences for the world. Going through this time in my life, I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I didn’t want to be a teacher anymore and that phase in my life was over. I accepted this setback.

Although, it wasn’t a setback. It was a push forward into my future.

I took all of my interests and rolled them into one. Reading, writing, researching, investigating, communicating, social media, organizing, planning, problem-solving. The outcome resulted in my current pursuit of journalism and public relations. I couldn't be happier with my decision to reevaluate my future, instead of continuing on a path I was unsure about. *I was also very inspired by ABC's hit television drama, Scandal.*

This semester, I began taking an Intro to Public Relations course at my university, one of many PR courses I will have to take in order to fulfill my educational requirements and graduate.

We [the class] had several discussions on what PR should be defined as, understanding that PR is ever-changing, therefore not having an exact definition. We were able to pinpoint the main focus of a PR manager: managing reputations and relationships.

In honor of the Scandal premier and #TGIT making its return on 1/18, I've gathered gifs that describe the day in the life of a PR manager.

1. When you are conducting campaigns and the candidate is being difficult and self-righteous:

You hired me to help, remember? I make the rules now.

2. When your job is to manage relationships and reputations, but your client keeps burning bridges with the public:

*Imbeciles* Could you not? I'm serious.

3. When you saved your client's reputation for the millionth time:

Dance party! PR Manager lived another day.

4. When you need to get to the bottom of a situation and investigate:

We are not quitters. #ConfidenceIsKey

5. When the media is bashing your client:

Oh hell no, I do not want to work overtime today.

6. When there is a crisis and you have to make a statement ASAP:

The public is either angry, sad, or in a panic. Does anyone else want to give this Press Release?

7. Talking to reporters like:

I'm only going to tell you what I want you to know and what I want you to leak to the public.

8. Getting to know your client:

I need to know every bad thing you've ever done so I know how to manage it when it comes to surface and haunts you. #BlackMail

9. Talking to a client that doesn't understand social media marketing:

It is 2018! Get with the times buddy.

10. Listening to your client's goals:

Yikes! We have a lot of work to do, then.

11. No job is too big:

No pup is too small... oh wait, that's Paw Patrol.

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