If The Psych Cast Were College Majors
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If The Psych Cast Were College Majors

Each character is unique and can fit into a 'stereotypical' college major.

If The Psych Cast Were College Majors

Psych. One of the funniest shows I have ever seen. Just watch any episode and I guarantee you will come away cry laughing! Each character is unique and can fit into a 'stereotypical' college major.

Here is a list of the Psych cast as college majors.

1. Shawn Spencer - Communications

He would be a perfect radio or sports announcer! He could remember everything that happened or that he needs to say, and his hilarious wit would be a great addition!

2. Burton Guster - Restaurant And Food Service Management

The man loves himself some food!

3. Carlton Lassiter - Pre Law

Lassie knows how to get what he wants. Just like Pre-Law students, they know it will take some extra time, but they know what they want. Knowing him, he would probably join the military to be a lawyer.

4. Henry Spencer - Journalism

Henry was an awesome cop, I think he would know how to get a scoop on a story, and what leads to follow!

5. Juliet O'Hara - Criminology

Juliet was an amazing cop! She knows all there is to know about crime and criminals, just like Crim majors!

6. Karen Vick - Exercise Science With A Concentration In Personal Trainer

She was in good shape the whole series, even through her pregnancy! Also, she seems like the 'tough but fair' type, which is what you want from your personal fitness trainer.

7. Buzz McNab - Pre-Med

Probably pediatrics because he's so good with children...

8. Pierre Despereaux - Art History

Just like any Art History major, Pierre is obsessed with art. He just takes a different approach to owning the art he loves.

9. Madeleine Spencer - Psychology

She was a police psychologist in the show. She is very caring, even-minded and level-headed.

10. Coroner Woody Strode - Undecided

No explanation needed. He is too much to fit into one major.

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