A list of  11 PS4 games worth playing
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You Should Play At Least One Of These 11 PS4 Games

From "Bioshock" to the new "Spider-Man," these fantastic PS4 games are worth all the time you'll surely pour into them after they suck you in.

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Whether you're a new PS4 owner, thinking about getting one, or have been gaming on it for a while, there will always be another enticing game to add to your collection. From horror to Disney to action-adventure games, there is something out there for all kinds of gamers. Nearly everything here I have played or watched someone else play for hours on end, my free-time has gone faster than I could say "Would You Kindly" and my mind has reeled once I returned back to reality. To be honest, it doesn't even compare to the worlds that are built in these games. Maybe you want to try out "Bioshock" and appreciate the steampunk, ritzy underwater atmosphere filled with unsettling creatures and manipulation. Or perhaps you just want to kick back and play "Kingdom Hearts", smiling and giggling every time one of your favorite Disney characters pops up (c'mon, I can't be the only one who does that). Whatever the case is, read on to see what kind of compelling games PlayStation 4 has to offer.

1. "Bioshock" series

Please be advised, these games are rated M.

There are 3 different Bioshock games: "Bioshock", "Bioshock 2", and "Bioshock Infinite". All are equally terrifying to me (that said, I don't handle horror and scary stuff well). Sound familiar to you? Well, these good ol' games came out on the PS3 but they've been revamped and formatted for the PS4 where they look better (and creepier) than ever.

Plots: "Bioshock" is set in 1960, where you play the protagonist Jack, after his airplane crashes into the ocean. He finds the underwater city of Rapture, built to be a utopia but over time it deteriorated. You collect weapons and plasmids as you go to help defeat ADAM-obsessed enemies, all the while trying to escape and fulfilling various objectives along the way. "Bioshock 2" exists in Rapture as well - however here you play a former enemy called a 'Big Daddy' who tries to recover the 'Little Sister' you were once bonded to. In "Bioshock Infinite", you play Booker DeWitt to try to find a woman named Elizabeth in the airborne city of Columbia. This one takes place in 1912 and you have a lot of obstacles to get through - namely, a flying mechanical beast called Songbird and the city's founding leader Zachary Hale Cornstock.

Play if you like: horror or terror, darkly beautiful story worlds, music from the 30s-50s, mind-boggling story, single-player, and first-person shooters.

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2. "God of War"

Please be advised, this game is rated M for mature.

This is technically called "God of War IV", as it is a sequel to the PS3/PS4 game "God of War III". This game franchise originally started on the PS2 and PS3. "God of War" is a single-player mythology-based action-adventure game. Before "Spider-Man" was released, this game was the fastest selling PlayStation exclusive game!

Plot: This is years after the demi-god Kratos took vengeance upon the Olympian gods, after which he managed to survive an encounter with Zeus. You play Kratos, who starts out this game in Midgard in Ancient Norway, living with his child Atreus, living among Norse gods. Here, many monsters and warriors roam. He teaches Atreus how to survive and works on taking control of his rage (we all have our anger issues, don't we?) in order to succeed as a mentor and a father.

Play if you like: mythology, fleshed-out and dynamic characters, epic journey and story, lots of possible objectives, and single-player games.

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3. "Tomb Raider" series

Please be advised, these games are rated M for mature.

With the new "Shadow of the Tomb Raider", the third game in this video game franchise released September 2018 and glowing with excellent critic reviews, it's relevant to talk about its preceding two games: "Tomb Raider" and "Rise of the Tomb Raider".

Plot: "Tomb Raider", the 2013 video game, offers a fresh and gritty origin story for famous heroine Lara Croft. You play her of course, noticing all the ways she toughens up from being a scared young woman. She fights her way through a dark and forgotten island, uncovering deadly secrets as she does. "Rise of the Tomb Raider" is the sequel game, following Lara as she explores the legendary city of Kitezh, which supposedly carries within it the promise of immortality. You battle Trinity, a paramilitary organization, as you go and find out devastating truths about Lara's past. "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" is set a couple months after "Rise of the Tomb Raider" and features Lara exploring Mesoamerica and South America to get to legendary city Paititi. Again, she battles Trinity, but this time she has to stop a looming Mayan apocalypse too.

Play if you like: a strong female protagonist, action-adventure, developed and complex story and characters, dark underlying elements, and single-player games.

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4. "Nioh"

Please be advised, this game is rated M for mature.

This might be a more obscure that's one out there, but it's worth checking out. This game is by the creators of the "Dark Souls" franchise, so the gameplay is fairly similar and at times, excruciating. It takes a while to get strong enough to defeat the monsters and get through each level, so brace yourself for some grinding. This project actually started out from an unfinished Akira Kurosawa script (director of "Rashoman" and "Seven Samurai"), then took some weird turns, and wound up as the "Nioh" you see before you today!

Plot: Here you play William, an Anglo-Irish sailor in pursuit of an enemy. It is set in the early 1600s and fictionalizes the Sengoku period where Japan was in civil war. When William gets to Japan, he's enlisted by Hattori Hanzo, a servant to Tokugawa Ieyasu, to defeat the yokai that are in abundance because of the war (in Japan, Yokai refers to spirits and demons).

Play if you like: action, role-playing, Japanese elements, challenging gameplay, supernatural elements, and single-player games.

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5. "Final Fantasy XV"

Please be advised, this game is rated T for Teen.... that's not to say you have to be a teen to play it, right? In my opinion, you're never too old for "Final Fantasy".

If you're a "Final Fantasy" franchise fan like me, then "Final Fantasy XV" is a must-play. One of the refreshing benefits to this one is that it's essentially an open-world game, so you can roam around and explore the way you want to, tackling quests as you see fit. Oh, and you have a car and Chocobos that you can ride around to speed up travel.

Plot: You play Prince Noctis, who journeys with his friends and attempts to reclaim his kingdom that's been taken over by the empire of Niflheim. He grapples with his ever-growing powers and the fight between dark and light. There is fishing to be done, monsters to fight and collect bounty on, caves to explore, and a lot more.

Play if you like: "Final Fantasy" franchise, action role-playing, a friend-focused cast of characters, cheesy but heartwarming story, and single-player games.

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6. "Kingdom Hearts" series

These games are rated E for everyone.

This is a fun family-friendly game. It's an absolute must-play for anyone who loves Disney and/or the "Final Fantasy" franchise because it essentially mixes the two. Sure, it's a little cheeky but the characters and story have surprising depth and you'll stay engaged until the very end. Don't be too sad though when you finish "Kingdom Hearts 1.5", "Kingdom Hearts 2.5" and the prequels. "Kingdom Hearts 3" is scheduled to release January 2019! Goodbye social life and hello playing Sora in the worlds of "Big Hero 6" and "Tangled"!

Plot: "Kingdom Hearts" starts out with Sora, a cheery teen and wielder of a keyblade who fights against darkness and creatures known as Heartless. He works with his friends, mostly Donald and Goofy, to close the keyholes allowing in darkness in different Disney worlds such as Agrabah and Olympus Colosseum. The rest of the series is very centered around the same premise of utilizing the keyblade to defeat Heartless and close keyholes, but there is a lot to be explored about Sora and his friends in the process - as well as the evil organization in charge of all the chaos.

Play if you like: family-friendly, Disney, "Final Fantasy", action, role-playing, complex yet inspirational story, dynamic characters, Square Enix characters, and single-player games.

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7. "Uncharted" series

Please be advised, these games are rated T for Teen.

Look, I love this series so much I've played the games too many times to count! I adore the clever banter that the characters have and the high-stakes action that keeps its momentum through the entire game. At the very start of each game, you're thrust into peril and it is magnificent.

Plot: Nathan Drake is a fortune seeking, treasure hunting guy who goes about uncovering different lost cities and mythical treasures. This often puts him in hot water with bad guys who want glory and gold from those same things. He gets help from his mentor Sully, love interest (and kick-butt girl) Elena Fisher, and his former love Chloe Frazer who has her own spin-off game called "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy". The series, first to last go: "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune", "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves", "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception", and "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End".

Play if you like: witty dialogue, action-adventure, shooters, myths and legends, puzzle-solving, dynamic characters, and single-player games.

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8. "The Last of Us"

Please be advised, this game is rated M for Mature.

"The Last of Us" was remastered for the PS4 and it looks and plays amazing... and again, terrifying. When I say this isn't a zombie game, don't get me wrong it's similar but they are called "infected", not zombies. It's worth mentioning also that "The Last of Us: Part II" is in development and is speculated to be released in 2019.

Plot: You get to play as Joel, an adult smuggler who has to escort the teenage Ellie across a dangerous, post-apocalyptic version of the United States. Both are rare survivors, since most of the country has been infected by a fungal plague that basically transforms them into mutated killers.

Play if you like: survival, horror, action-adventure, interesting and dynamic story/characters, post-apocalyptic, and single-player games.

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9. "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt"

Please be advised, this game is rated M for Mature.

I didn't expect to like "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" nearly as much as I did because it seemed like a generic fantasy game at first glance. However, it blew my mind! I've never played anything like it and I was even satisfied with the expansion packs. You do not have to have read the books or played the other Witcher games to understand and appreciate this one, trust me. The stories, characters, and the world are like no other.

Plot: The world is in chaos and war, the Empire of Nilfgaard raiding and taking control of the Northern Kingdoms. Enter Geralt of Rivia, a witcher with enhanced senses and special abilities and who slays monsters for gold. He is tasked to find the girl he once helped train and raise, by her real father. This girl, Ciri, is a Child of the Elder Blood who can manipulate space and time - and suffice to say, complications arise.

Play if you like: open-world, magic, strong story, role-playing, fantasy, choice-driven, and single-player games.

Click here to check out the trailer!

10. "Spider-Man"

Please be advised, this game is rated T for Teen.

"Spider-Man" was just released September of 2018 and it's already sold out faster than "God of War". In addition, critics are raving about it. One of the best parts is that this game tells a brand-new story of Spider-Man, one that isn't taken from an existing comic or movie.

Plot: You get to play Peter Parker, a smart young guy who gets bitten by a radioactive spider. He develops spider-like powers that come in handy fighting villains and anyone trying to corrupt his city - NYC. You'll get to handle his life as he traverses from being good ole' Peter Parker and when he puts on his suit to become Spider-Man.

Play if you like: action-adventure, fresh story, open-world, Marvel, superheroes, and single-player games.

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11. "Horizon: Zero Dawn"

Please be advised, this game is rated T for Teen.

"Horizon: Zero Dawn" looks breathtaking and is a pleasure to play. The story is unique and the action is challenging enough to constantly keep you on your toes. You can choose to play super stealthy (my approach) or go all out, guns blazing. Both strategies will have their suitable time and place. There are plenty of objectives to go after and character choices to make. Fortunately, there's a lot to the game, so you'll stay entertained for a long time.

Plot: The world is primitive and tribal, with monstrous and animalistic machines roaming the wild. You play Alloy, an outcast who strives for answers about herself and what's really in charge of the machines. She embarks upon a quest to learn the truth and help keep the machines and cultists from destroying innocent people.

Play if you like: post-apocalyptic, open-world, dynamic characters, amazing visuals, action, role-playing, strong female protagonist, and single-player games.

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