All my life, I remember being an emotional person, wearing my heart on my sleeve. I also remember being ashamed that I would get so involved in other people's emotions as well as my own. I always wished I could separate my emotions from my daily life. But as I got older, I realized who I am as a person, and that is someone who cares about others and someone who wears their heart on their sleeve proudly.

I am someone who gets looked at weirdly for crying at a television show or seeing something that upsets me to the point where I start crying hysterical but it doesn't upset my fellow peers and I am proud of that! Showing emotions isn't a weak sign, it's a sign of strength!

Showing emotion means that you are strong because it takes strength to show a weakness. Everyone always told me when I was younger that if I cried in public, I was weak. But I am not, I am strong and I don't blame my emotions, I blame people who have been brought up to think that showing emotions is a sign of weakness. If young children are brought up to believe that, what they are felling should be hidden away and not shown, is where the problem starts. That child will live a life of not expressing how they feel because they will believe they are weak. I want people to know that it is ok to show emotion, we are all human, it is what we do.

I have started to learn that if I cry for something "silly" it is not silly to me. All the emotions I feel have valid reasons for why I feel them. I am not ashamed of who I am becoming, I am very proud. People should embrace emotions, people need to stop being afraid of caring to much because our emotions are what make us who we are.

I understand that people handle their emotions differently and I respect that, I just wish for the people hiding their emotions to realize that they are strong.