Lighter nights, a time shift, shamrocks, spring, and college basketball, it can only be one month. March. The third month of the year filled with a variety of things, ranging from sports, a season change, and holidays. Here are the pros and cons of it.

1. Its strange weather patterns

Depending on where you reside, one will notice that not everyday is cold or warm.

2. The start of spring

Although it might be the start of spring, it doesn't always feels like it. Who remembers when the Northeast was hit with snow last year?

3. Only three months until summer

The preparations, only continue to move forward.

4. March Madness

The biggest time for college basketball fans.

5. St. Patrick's Day

Alcohol, corn bread, four leaf clovers, and more. Why not celebrate?

6. Shamrock Shakes

A delicious mint flavored shake with an excuse to stop by McDonalds each week.

7. Lakers vs Knicks at Madison Square Garden

This will be Lebron's first game as a Laker at the Garden. With the Knicks current record, it could be a dreadful one.

8. Lighter evenings

It might be chilly however, at least daylight doesn't fade so quickly.

9. Loss of sleep

We might get more sunlight. That doesn't mean we get more sleep.