Professors Who Talk Down To Us Do Not Further Our Education

There are a plethora of different types of professors that a college student will experience throughout their college career. There are the profs that simply don't care about the classes they teach, the ones who care a little too much, the ones who give you the most of your money you are putting into college, and the ones who you dread going to their lectures.

It says something about the class and our education if you are dreading to go to the class, doesn't it though? As a a college student, you pay exuberant amounts of money to attend classes and learn the proper education to get the career you dream of. But why is it that we are forced to take classes with professors who either don't seem to care or professors who are blatantly rude and belittle us? Simply because they are of higher education does not mean they have the opportunity or should be able to do such things.

Earlier this week I experienced a situation that not only made me rethink the prior respect I gave to that professor, but also if I was getting as much as I need in the class. Not realizing I had my phone out on my desk, I was yelled at, which resulted in swears, yelling and rather than handing me my test, it was "tossed to me." Trying to hold back my emotions of the event that just occurred, it made me rethink professional educators and the impact they have on our career.

If we dread going to a class, then we inadvertently dread the material we are learning. We as students are not going to retain the proper information that we could, due to the fact that our minds coming to class are in a thought process of setting ourselves up for failure or not entirely "there" ready to sit down and learn.

I have had multiple professors; ones who do not care, are blatantly rude, and the ones where I felt like my tuition money was put to excellent use. When looking back, professors who talk down to us, yell at us or make us feel like we, as growing professionals are insignificant to the career we are going into, this further builds up that "wall," blocking us of the retention of information and breaks down our ability to gaining knowledgeable insight from these professors.

When that situation occurred, I realized that the respect that I once had was fleeting, both for myself toward the professor and the professors view of me. I now dread going to the class, but I won't let this stop me from gaining an education. Yes, in life there is going to be higher-ups that put us in our place, but perhaps we would come into the world better educated if the ones teaching us had a mutual respect for us or even if we were excited to go class and learn what they seem to "regurgitate," thus ready to learn and gain an education. Professors who speak down to us do not further our education. College is an environment to learn and gain the knowledge to one day become a professional. I still can recall information from years ago from professors who were excited to teach, had a mutual respect for us and treated us like we mattered. I cannot recall any information from classes with professors that didn't care or spoke down to us. We pay thousands of dollars for an education, rather than blaming those being educated, look at those doing the educating; how they feel about teaching and how they teach, will impact us more in our path to a career than anything else.

Don't let those who teach you impact your career, education and life goals. Take that as a learning experience, who you aspire to be and how you can give the future more than they expected.

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