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5 Products That Helped My Acne Prone Skin

Healthy skin has not come easy for me, and these products have given me a lot of confidence.

5 Products That Helped My Acne Prone Skin
Destiny Carroll

Like any other teen who has dealt with any type of acne, I have seen a dermatologist countless times. Always getting prescriptions for creams filled with an array of chemicals way too potent for my skin to handle, just for me to return to the same skin doctor and to test out another product that doesn't work. Not once did my dermatologist ask me to create a skin care routine nor did she suggest any products that weren't proactive or clean and clear.

After giving up on my doctor's attempts to save my skin, I gave it a try myself. I treated myself to a facial at my local Ulta and let my skin purge to get out all of the bad things that weren't supposed to be there, a detox of sorts. Soon after, I discovered these amazing products and they have cleared my skin tremendously. Here is my countdown to clear, vibrant, and smooth skin.

1. Dermalogica Clear Start Foaming Wash

This was my first step in finding my holy grail skincare routine. This is the first face wash to not burn or irritate my skin and it doesn't irritate my eyes when the suds slip into my cracked lids. This facial wash also works perfect for my budget and is conveniently sold at your nearest Ulta. I was suggested this product by my facialist who was a type of skin doctor in a sense.

2. Natural Tea Tree Oil

As my skin started to clear up I would have the occasional minor break out. All I would have to do is put this on my targeted spot and it would shrink/disappear by the next morning.

3. Shea Moisture African Black Soap Facial Mask

Treating myself to a little relaxation after a hard day of classes always consist of this mask and a hot cup of black tea. It is wonderful for senstive skin as it has not caused any acne and it great for dry skin as well.

4. Dr. Bronner's Pure Castille Soap "18 in 1 Hemp Peppermint"

Now you may see the word "multipurpose" and be a little frighten.. this soap works for stains, floors, bathrooms, shaving, and skin care. I use the peppermint version of the product and I only use it once or twice a week for a deep cleaning of my face and neck. If you are having an extreme breakout I highly suggest using this up to three times a week and make sure you use a light moisturizer with it.

5. Neutrogena Hydroboost

This moisturizer is the absolute best product I have used. I've always had combination/oily skin. Using oils in my hair has caused the oily skin so I hate having a moisturizer that doesn't keep my skin from secreting too much oil. This product should be on everyones must have list.

Also, note that wearing less makeup and letting your skin breathe is vital to healthy skin. All skin is different, these products may not work for you but the only thing you can do is try it and see for yourself. Healthy skin has not come easy for me at all, these products have given me a lot of confidence and I'm sure are helping a lot of other people with the same issue.

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