Make a list of the top 2-3 assignments that have to get done that day 

Getting ahead on assignments is a great idea. But, it becomes an issue when you are doing your work for next week, and the assignments due the following day still aren't done. You probably are just putting them off, but by making a list and having what you need to get done in front of you can make a huge difference.

Set a certain amount of time for each assignment 

Spending five hours on one paper is miserable for everyone involved. Instead, try spending maybe an hour or two on the paper and then start another assignment. After the other assignment is finished, go back to the paper. Your thoughts will be clear and you will have a much better turnout from just staring at your screen for five hours.


As college students the running joke seems to be "I was up until 3am doing this assignment." First, you shouldn't let it get to the point you had to be up that late (time management and productivity). Second, going to sleep at a reasonable time is such a key factor in being productive. There will be late nights, of course, but think about how you feel the next day. Three coffees and a two hour nap later and maybe you will begin to find some energy to get work done. This is the easiest way to boost productivity!

Know when to stop 

Staying in the library for hours upon end, not socializing with friends, and constantly worrying about the assignment due in weeks to come is not beneficial. This will overwhelm you, burn you out, and decrease productivity. Some weeks, for example midterm and finals week, will be overwhelming. But, in the mean time know when to stop and take a break, eat dinner, or hang out with friends.


No one can deny the "high" you feel after whatever type of workout you enjoy. Working out in the morning can especially increase productivity because after a great workout you feel so motivated and are ready to take on the day!

Don't do homework in bed

Personally, I get the most work while in bed. But, for most people are shocked when I tell them that. If you are someone who finds themselves doing homework in bed and then suddenly you're watching Netflix or taking a nap, try moving to a desk, a common area, or the library. Distractions are the worst, and will only hold you back from what needs to get done.

Put your phone out of sight, out of mind

We are all guilty of responding to just one text, or only checking Instagram for a minute but 17 Youtube videos later it is suddenly 12AM and none of your work is done. If It is helpful, set an alarm for an hour or however long you want to work on your assignment. Once the alarm goes off, you can check your phone! This is a great way to destress from what is on your phone and really focus on your assignments. I find when I put my phone away while working, that is when I produce my best work.