1. Clean It Up

When you have a little bit of extra free time, sometimes it's nice to take that time and clean up your space. Whether it's your apartment, car, or closet, this is an opportunity for you to cleanse your space, start fresh, and end the break better than you started it.

2.Minimalize or Reorganize

On top of being a great time to clean, a break is also a wonderful time to minimalize your closet or those drawers that you never open. Take the time to go through your things and get rid of anything that hasn't been touched in 6 months or more. If you think you may need it? You won't, so donate it or pass it on to someone who may.

3. Focus On You

Not only is break a rest from reality but its also a reset. An opportunity to restart and focus on you and only you. If you're normally running around and rarely have an opportunity to focus on yourself, now is the time to do so! Focus on the things you've been missing out on. Whether it's friends, family, or a new diet regimen, the time to start is now!

4.Spend Time Outside

Although this may not seem productive, a break is a time to not only be productive with your actions but take the time to be productive for your health. Take a walk outside or a run. Spend time laying in the sun and soaking up those Vitamins. Being outside is proven to lower anxiety and stress levels, so take advantage of your availability while you can!

5. Get Ahead

Take this extra time to get ahead on your assignments, pick up a few extra shifts at work, or even take a few hours out of your day to volunteer. You never know when you may need a break in the future, so the more you can get ahead now just means the less you have to do later!