Whether you have signed up for two internships this summer, or are just planning to chill-ax after finals, remember that time is precious and it is imperative that you use it wisely on things you want to accomplish. think back to those stressful times in school when you would have given anything to read a book or watch your favorite movie. We have that time now and if you're lost on how to spend, here are a couple tips to help you have a pleasant and productive summer.

1. Make sure that your sleep schedule is consistent

During the summer there is no pressure to get up early for a morning class or stay up late to study for any exams. You finally have the flexibility to establish a healthy sleep schedule that will optimize your energy for the day and rest during the night. This is the first step to making sure you are boosting your energy for your productive summer days.

2. Make a list of things you want to achieve

Whether it's binging your favorite show on Netflix or learning how to play an instrument, make your plans palpable. Jot down all the things you want to do this summer while you are still motivated to do so. As days pass, you may lose sight of all the fun activities you wanted to do during the school year. Having a constant reminder of how useful this time can be will be helpful to organize it.

3. Read books

As a student, reading leisurely can be close to impossible. With free time, reading is a great way to keep your mind exercised and relaxed. And, there is an immense diversity of genres you can choose from. I am sure you will be able to find a book that will catch your eye. If you need book suggestions check out LibraryThings.com or ask your librarian.

4. Get ahead

Maybe you want to study this summer or work on applications. The summer is a great time to get ahead, but I will admit it is pretty difficult to independently get work done over the break. The best way to honestly keep yourself on top of studying or working on your own is to make a schedule. You don't have to necessarily be strict about abiding by it but planning out your time will help you see how fast the day can go without getting a single thing done. And, if you are planning to get ahead this summer it's better that you actually do the work instead of letting it drag on to time that could be used enjoying your summer break.

So make a schedule and remember to put plenty of free time for breaks. Your scheduled breaks will encourage you to get something done and allow for consistent mental rewards for being productive.

5. Write

Writing is something anyone can do. Whether it's just jotting down some ideas you have, blogging, writing articles, writing stories, recipes, poetry or even just a stray thought, write it!. Taking the time to explore your mind and fabricating your thoughts to the written word is a great experience, and use of time.

6. Art

Whether it's music, painting, dance, anything, the summer is a great time to work on your more creative side. If you play an instrument, make a practice schedule and play music you really love. If you need some free music check out imslp.org, they have a vast library of public domain music for essentially every instrument. Do you want to learn some dance routines? YouTube has a number of tutorials waiting for you. And there are no rules to painting, especially if it's just for fun. Painting too messy? Buy a coloring book, they are surprisingly fun for all ages.

7. Feed yourself

When you are in the rush of school it can be difficult to keep up with a stable diet. But summer break is all about you, so make sure you're feeding yourself well! If you have the time and resources, cook for yourself as much as possible. Trying new recipes and eating your favorite foods can be the pinnacle of anyone's day.

8. On vacation? Take tons of pictures!

If you're on vacation or doing anything special this summer, it is important to document all the highlights. And, I'm not talking about for social media but for yourself as well. Pictures are the best way to preserve memories. Your pictures don't have to all be photo finish ready but just consistent enough so that they can re-tell your experiences.

9. Spend time with people

At school, socializing with the many peers, professors, and acquaintances that surround you on a daily basis is no problem. However, when you are on break, it can be easy to find yourself isolated or a little out of place, because people are just not as accessible.

By any means do not waste a surplus of time on your computer, phone or social media. Make sure you are putting in the time and effort to reach out to people over the break, especially family and friends.

10. Got a summer budget? No problem.

Having a tight budget for your summer break is totally understandable but don't worry because you can still have an absolute blast. Want to eat some trendy ice cream this summer but don't want to spend money on a fancy parlor? Make your own batch of ice cream or splurge on fun toppings and Walmart brand vanilla bean. Being crafty with your foods can be even more fun than going to fancy eateries. Want to enjoy the weather and sun but can't afford to vacation?

Going outside is always an option either way. Check out a local lake, have a picnic, have fun with bubbles outside, chalk art... there are a ton of things you can do right in your backyard. And, don't forget about reading, art, writing, these are all things you can do for little to no money.