1. Starbucks is basically the only place you’ll get coffee.

Because let's face it, the milkshake you order has maybe one teaspoon of actual coffee in it and you can't even taste it through the caramel. At least the pink drink will never let you down.

2. Your first date with someone is a hassle.

Typically, your first date with someone is usually the cliche of "let's get a coffee sometime!", but hearing the cute guy ask you to go to some indie coffee shop with him after class honestly just kind of makes you feel bad.

3. You haven’t really found a good way to wake yourself up in the morning.

Most people start off their day with a hot cup of coffee, giving them enough caffeine to power through their monotonous schedule. However, you can't quite drag yourself out of bed.

4. You can’t keep yourself awake late at night.

College students have those typical all-night study sessions, most of which will put them through an entire pot in one night. For those of us who hate the taste of sadness, we still haven't really found a way to power through that, either.

5. Your room will never smell as good as your friend's does.

Honestly, coffee is one of the best smells in the world, it's really just the taste that's off-putting.

6. When you DO drink coffee, it's not coffee. 

It's white as printer paper and has eight teaspoons of sugar in it. Gotta mask that coffee flavor somehow.