Proactiv or retroactive?

Kendall Jenner Is The New Face of Procativ And I'm Not About It

Kendall Jenner's new announcement has some possible backlash.


Everyone struggles with acne. Some have barely any, and some have such severe acne that it leaves permanent scars. Wherever you are on the spectrum, everyone tries to have the healthiest, clearest skin they can, however, they can.

This includes buying pricey skin care products from anti-aging creams to zit-zappers and even light-therapy mask mechanisms. As I said, these acne treatments can become incredibly expensive, and most tend to be trial-and-error methods because everyone's skin has a different composition and reacts differently to various treatments. This causes a tremendous amount of wasted money and stress – which literally makes your acne worse – and you're still stuck with a pimple-filled face.

Luckily there are "affordable" skincare product lines that are able to "fix" the problem. One very recognizable brand is Proactiv. I remember seeing this brand advertised on TV and the "before" and "after" pictures were astonishing. I immediately begged my mom to get me their 3-step System Solution. It included a cleanser, toner, and repair cream.

Honestly, looking back, I didn't have as bad of acne as my pre-adolescent, hormonal self, had convinced me I had. Either way, I convinced my mom into getting me the set, and I was so excited to be able to have better clearer skin – until I didn't.

When I first used Proactiv, the cleanser felt nice, but then I used step two of the pack: the toner. I have never felt a worse burning sensation on my face in my life. Horrible. I thought it was just part of the process and followed it with the repair cream. For a repair cream, it didn't feel like it repaired very much. However, I was a newbie to the world of skincare and acne treatments, so I just went with the flow.

Flash forward to a few weeks later and my acne seemed to be stagnant. Not better, not worse, just the same pimples I frantically tried to cover with makeup every morning. Finally, I decided the burning and dry, flakey face skin (sorry, TMI) wasn't worth the trouble and threw that stuff away!

I was so saddened that the "miracle acne treatment" didn't work for me. If these magical serums couldn't help me, then what could? Eventually, I went to a dermatologist and he helped out a lot. I 100% recommend getting yourself one because they can individually treat/diagnose you and prescribe medications based on your individual face needs. If it's not part of your insurance, I highly recommend splurging!

Anyhoo, down to the real business. Why didn't Proactiv work for me? Well, according to Twitter user, @glitterashes and thousands of others, it's because it's a SCAM! Apparently, Proactiv uses chemicals in their products that, yes help your skin, but also make your skin dependent on them. Therefore, when you try to wane off using their products in the future, your skin will revert back to the state it was in before, or just be 10x worse.

According to other Twitter users, Proactiv products have even bleached their towels! That is NOT something you should be putting on your face. In addition to these harsh chemicals, one of Proactiv's main traits is that it dries your face out. And by dry, I mean like Arizona in midst of summer in the Sonoran Desert. Every skincare guru and dermatologist know this isn't the solution. The best way to get rid of acne is by finding a perfect balance of cleansers and moisturizers.

So, if Proactiv hasn't worked for SO many people and has all these toxins within the products, why is Kendall Jenner the new face of the brand.

Not to point out the obvious, but this isn't the first time an endorsement deal has gone wrong for Kendall, but you have to question both hers and momager, Kris Jenner's decisions. In addition to supporting a skincare company that regular people like us can afford, you have to ask the question, "does she really use it?"

I mean, we've seen it on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and we've seen paparazzi pictures of Kendall and her sisters always getting facials in addition to the very best medical care there is. So why would dermatologists and their medical-grade, prescription-required treatments be an exception? My guess is: it's not.

Call me skeptical, but I really, truly doubt that Kendall Jenner cleared her skin up with Proactiv. Given the circumstances and the opportunities she has to get these facials, and I'm sure she gets them done before photo shoots and runway debuts, something smells fishy about just how she got rid of her acne.

In Proactiv's endorsement announcement, Kendall described her 2018 Golden Globe appearance and the aftermath in which she was ridiculed for her blemishes on the red carpet. In this promo, she states, "for me, I can honestly say that the magic was Proactiv." However, in an article published by Marie Claire in November of 2018 shortly after the incident, it was stated that the way her skin made the 180 from clogged to clear was by work of Hollywood's resident skin-care expert Christie Kidd. And surely enough, Kidd did not recommend the use of Proactiv.

So, does Kendall Jenner really use Proactiv? My guess, along with many outraged fans, is that she does not, in fact, use their products. So what if she doesn't actually use the product? What's the harm?

Well, first of all, it could lead to a legal issue. When concerning endorsements, endorsers must be relatively truthful about their use of the product. Second of all, this could send the wrong message to young girls struggling with acne that look up to Jenner. They could fall into the wrong skincare routine and use the wrong products and end up harming their face or making their acne much worse!

All that to say that I, along with many others, don't agree with this endorsement, and if anything, this campaign has moved people away from Proactiv, making it a retroactive ad.

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3 Essential Tips To Creating The Ultimate Natural Beauty Look

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1. Use a light hand

It can be easy to go in with a heavy hand but in doing this, your end result will look too heavy. When you use a heavy hand, you'll end up looking like a clown. By lightly applying your makeup, you'll be able to see your beauty in all of its glory. Be sure to tap off any excess product off of your brush before applying it to your skin. This will ensure that not only will the product not be stamped onto your face, but instead, seamlessly blended onto your skin. Little stippling motions with either a beauty sponge or a foundation/ concealer brush are the easiest way to do the trick.

2. Use as much natural light as possible

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